Wednesday, September 6

labor day weekend 2017

we had a great labor day weekend!

friday evening we went to our friends, the westcott's, to ride there 4 wheelers!

shortly after the above photo, chuck crashed. so grateful he was wearing a helmet and only walked away with a bruised ego. he didn't realize he needed to let off the gas while turning and flipped up on two wheels. lesson learned.

 ellie came home from school with a headache. on saturday ellie had a fever. on saturday night she told us that a couple kids in class were out with step throat. her throat didn't really hurt, but chris checked anyways. sure enough, white patches and swollen tonsils. so off to the walk in clinic we went!

sure enough, she had strep.
after a long wait at the only pharmacy open late on a saturday night, we got her started on some meds. by sunday she felt loads better! so we decided to make monday a fun day and go on a hike!

we drove up to beautiful devil's den to hike and explore.

it was supposed to be a 1.5 mile trail. we took a wrong turn towards the end because we got sidetracked watching some puppies swimming and frolicking in the river, so we added maybe a half mile on there at the end. there was an elevation increase of about 100 ft, but the kids did awesome! especially little o! he walked the whole thing and even insisted on wearing his backpack with snacks the entire time.

charlie lead the way for most the hike and kept saying "i just love it so much out here!" and when we finished, he was the only kid that asked if we could hit up another trail. i think it had something to do with his tank top ;)

the pictures don't quite do the hike justice. 
there were many cliff edges and caves and crevasses that let out cold air from the caves beneath. 
it was quite stunning.

we were also in the shade most of the time, so it wasn't excruciatingly hot.

we came home and grilled burgers. it was a great day!

and just because he's so cute, here are two pictures i took of owen on our morning walk yesterday:

he's growing up.
he'll be 3 in a couple months. 
he walks the whole 2 miles now, which includes some steep hills. we talk the whole time and he is always discovering little things that my old person eyes don't notice. i take the stroller along, just in case his little legs get tired from running and walking, but usually only puppy needs a turn sitting in it :) 

saying goodbye sucks.

there's no other way to put it. 
saying goodbye to people you love sucks.

the peczuh's have been our dear friends since our grad school days in florida. we knew we would have to separate one day, but we just didn't know it would be them leaving us behind so soon. they are headed to Yakima, Washington and we are happy for them to start this next chapter! we always joked that because they followed us to arkansas of all places, they could pick the next location and we would follow them... but washington state is just too cold for us floridians!

we tried to soak up as much time with our buddies as possible over the past couple months. we've had so many good times with this little family and know that we will meet again. jack and emeline are too good of friends not to, so we will make visits happen. and, besides, anna leah and jim are freaking awesome, so chris and i definitely want to make visits happen! good luck in washington PZ's!


owen wanted the red popsicle!

the thing we love most about these kids is that all 7 of them played together almost always. they included everyone (even owen) and always had so much fun whether it was playing a game, trading pokemon, creating art, watching harry potter, or having a massive "battle of hogwarts". 
what great friends.

missing our friends already

jack and ellie's triathlon

sparks hospital puts on a kid's triathlon each year and this is the first year that our kids have participated. jack and ellie were up for a challenge! it was on august 26th. we thought this would be pretty easy for them because they are both fairly athletic and they are very active kids. well, it turned out to be a doozy! i think we all underestimated the swimming. they were both exhausted during the 100 yd swim.  that was followed by a 2.1 mile bike ride and a .8 mile run. the biking and running, although they were uphill, didn't seem to be as hard as the swim. and none of that is taking the competition into consideration either. we expected it to be a bunch of kids like them, kids who are athletic and just wanted to have some fun. nope. there are kids that train for these things! they travel all over the sate and compete in triathlons. pretty crazy. but we are so proud of what E & J accomplished!!! it was not easy, but they were both determined to finish the race and that was so fun to watch as a parent.

 getting set up at 7 am!

jack is always looking out for little o and it makes my heart happy

you know those other 9 & 10 year olds are serious when they show up with $2000 road bikes, yikes! they put our mountain bikes from walmart to shame haha!

after waiting for what felt like forever, it was time!
9 year old girls went first in their age group.
ellie. was. nervous.

this look on her face is so like "I'm done!"

kids from the high school sports teams volunteered to run along with the kids to cheer them on. one of them was the sister of ellie's third grade teacher, so that was pretty cute and i know it made ellie really happy to run with her.

she made it!!!
her time was 25:55 minutes.

jack was able to watch ellie race and then jump in line for his. after saying, "the swimming won't be as hard for me" he had a rude awakening! it was difficult!

i think he was pretty shocked when he was the 4th person (out of 5) out of the pool... especially since two of those ahead of him were girls :)
this was a good, humbling lesson for him i think.

ran the whole thing with his shoes untied.

jack finished in 19:39 minutes. 
he came in 2nd place for the 10 year old boys (out of two boys, but that doesn't matter :).

so proud of these two, strong, healthy, adventurous kiddos!