Friday, September 26

im a chocolate FrEaK!

i love the campbells... all of them!
chris and dad went fishing with brother campbell and jameson last friday, the 19th. jim caught this snook and filleted it up! i hope they enjoyed it! fun was had by all.


35 Days! only 35 days till halloween everybody!

my MAN

i realized that i hadn't put any pics of chris on the blog. (ok, he pointed it out. ouch!). so this post is dedicated to my wonderful, intelligent, caring, sweet, hilarious, sporty, energetic, hard-working, dedicated better half. this ones for you baby ;) this was taken a couple years ago at wal-mart one night that we were quite bored.

chris caught this grouper at new pass.

this was the night bo talked chris into reaching in the water to pull in a shark. smart.

skiing at Targhee. chris was so patient with me.

this was the most perfect day!

i love you so!

our humble abode

we painted the trim, shutters, and front door last week. the black is the before shot and the others are the after shots. surprisingly, jack was not a very good helper. he cried and fussed so much that grandma came and whisked him away to play at their house. what a life saver!


dancin' fool

we finally caught a snippet of jacks dancing on film. even though its not his best, at least you guys will get a little peek at his sweet moves! of course, he is getting down to none other then the king of dance, michael jackson. the only way we could get him on film was to have him dance on the table. otherwise he tries to look at the back of the camera instead of dancing.

we LOVE when jack dances. you cant help but smile and laugh! he is quite the little character... i think he gets that from his poppa :)

Wednesday, September 10

feces fiasco!

yesterday afternoon i put jack down for a nap and then went on the computer. about an hour later jack's little head peeked over the gate and he said "hi". so i got off the computer and went out to the living room where i saw little nuggets of poop on the floor and even a few foot prints made from poops. well jack had taken his diaper off and it was full of poop. i went into his room and it was all over in his bed. these are the joys of motherhood!

skunk ape

while carrie was here, we went to a fabulous place in the everglades called the skunk ape research headquarters! i guess skunk ape is the souths version of big foot. rikki and alli went there earlier this year and had so much fun, we thought it would be neat to check out. this place was incredible...and it was only $3 a person!! this is definitely the hidden jewel of the everglades! we not only saw a TON of animals, but we got to hold them all too!

there was a macaw there named patches. he fell in love with carrie. his cheeks would turn bright pink when he would get near her. when she held him, he tried to protect her by covering her head with his wing. he kept spreading his wings to show off. it was so sweet! patches also ate cashews. he would eat them right out of the guides mouth, which was SICK! when there were only a couple pieces left in his mouth he said "he'll go as depp as he has to" and he let him pick the nuts from the back of his throat. it was so gross but funny at the same time. this trip was well worth the drive. we will have incredible memories for ever!

it's miller time!

carrie miller came to florida!!!! after two years, it was so great having carrie here. we went swimming everyday, went to the beach twice, and ate a ToN of food! jack LOVED carrie! in fact, when we dropped her off at the airport, he wouldn't say good bye and when she walked away he started balling. it was so sad to see him crying so hard because she was gone. we all cried a little on the drive back :( i haven't had this much fun in a long time...probably two years! carrie miller is incredible!

this is carrie kissing a jackfish at new pass

ellie just had a bath