Monday, July 30


jack's teeth are falling out left and right!
i dont know of many other 5 year olds that have lost 6 teeth. 
not that i know alot of 5 year olds, but, still!
last week he was only missing the bottom two on either side of his middle two, but his top two have been wiggly for an awfully long time. on our weekly (yes, weekly) trip to costco he tried to pull it out and then asked chris to help him when we got to the parking lot. luckily i had my phone to record it. he ended up pulling it out in costco.

then after church yesterday, he decided the other was loose enough and was determined to have ANOTHER visit from the tooth fairy. so, he went to work twisting and yanking with fingers and pliers. so gross! he even attempted to tie a string around it, to no avail. then, after feeling very frustrated, who did he turn to? ME. SO GROSS! but, after he grabbed my hand real tight, i gave it a good twist and out it came!

this kid is giving the tooth fairy a run for her money.

does any one else have nightmares where all of their teeth start crumbling and fall out, or is it just me?! absolutely hate those dreams and have to check that they are all there in the morning. my mom says it stress, but im not usually stressed when i have them... any other ideas??? it's terrible. and right now, it's like jack is living my nightmare, except he seems to be enjoying it.

and because almost every post is ended with pictures of cute little charlie, here are a few more to make you smile. go ahead. 
you know you love him!
and yes, he is as kissable and scrumptious as he looks!

Thursday, July 19

Bonita Kayak Company

hey everyone, it's here! the website for Bonita Kayak Company is up and it is AWESOME! this is the company Alli (my little sis) and Bo (my big brother), along with their spouses started this summer. check it out and book a trip when your family comes to visit. there is nothing more exciting or rejuvenating then being surrounded by the beauty of this area via kayaks. i promise, having been myself, you won't be disappointed! 
just in case the link above didn't work, here is the website:

Friday, July 13

HE said SHE said (part 3)

last year in july, and the july before that, i pretended to be a reporter and interviewed the kids. i guess we'll make this an annual thing! i've asked the same questions and its interesting to see whats stayed the same and whats changed. if you're curious, here's their responses in 2011 and 2010.
as always, these are their exact words. no coaching or prompting took place.
 (this year i added in a few things that pertain to charlie, since he can't answer them on his own yet.... except for his favorite thing to say!)

what's your favorite food?
j: fish. Grouper, snook and snapper and redfish
e: um, salad and apples and yogurt
c: yogurt, steak, and strawberries. loves strawberries.

what's your favorite color?
j: blue, green, well, all the colors
e: pink, blue, violet and I love green too

what's your favorite thing to do?
e: play with my dolls and my pigmy puff
c: bite mommy, be chased by daddy, and be tickled by j & e

what's your favorite movie?
j: hulk. “I am strong!” that’s what the hulk would say. i saw part of it once at bo and larissa's.
e: cinderella

favorite thing to wear?
j: my fishing shirts and soccer shorts
e: a dress that im wearing

least favorite thing to do?
j: I don’t like eating salads that I don’t like and I hate folding my laundry.
e: drink coffee. I hate coffee because its SO not healthy for you.
c: have his teeth brushed

favorite animal?
j: cheetahs since it runs fast and a mako shark cause it swims fast.
e: a, uh, ponies because I like 'em cause they’re pretty pretty pretty

if you could be an animal, what would you be?
j: a peregrine falcon since it dives down quick
e: I would be a people! Im just jokin! Um, a pink peregrine falcon.

favorite word to say?
j: snooooooooook
e: princesses.
c: a-book-a-book-a-boook-a etc
(this is the first thing he says when he wakes up in the morning and from a nap. 
apparently, he loves books)

your favorite thing to dream about?
j: flying cause ive had the best dream ever and I was flying
e: about princesses

favorite treat?
j: AHH, everything! Maybe an ice cream sundae!
e: vanilla ice cream and chocolate! And vanilla ice cream! 
oh yeah, i already said vanilla ice cream.
c: chocolate cake

favorite chore?
j: cleaning the toilet
e: mopping stuff that are dusty

which super hero would you be?
j: that’s easy. You know which one. The hulk.
e: no super heros. I don’t like super heros.

favorite book?
j: I want an avengers book. I don’t have one, but I want one. But out of the books we have I would choose Captain Abdul’s Pirate School.
e: my big princess book with stickers
c: oh my oh my oh dinosaurs!

what would you like to do if you were an adult?
j:  like I said, I want to be a jockey. And lets see, what does dad do that I want to do? Drive a car! And be a jockey
e: take care of children

my favorite answer was ellie's least favorite thing to do. so funny.

Monday, July 9

a little snippet of our life lately

welcome to a little snippet of our life lately

last saturday we ate this...

(gotta have plenty of root beer and caramel corn)

and we watched this...

on this...
our first major purchase since we've started getting a real paycheck.
and it coincided perfectly with chris's birthday.
chris and my dad built a beautiful cabinet for it.
pictures to come!

everybody came for the movie night, but i only managed to catch a couple pics of auntie rik.

the annual pie eating contest that the kids earned in primary 

 we have a winner!
jack confided his secret with chris after the contest.
"dad, you know how i won? hehehe i picked the smallest piece! hehe" 
not only is he a fast eater, but a fast thinker too!

at the parade
grandma pushed charlie and cousin lou in the parade while jack and ellie rode bikes. after, we watched the fireworks and jack was too cool to sit with us and wanted to sit with some of the young women haha. but, charlie and ellie stayed with us and ooohed and awwwed over the fireworks. at one point E said, "i love this so much and its not even just a dream!"

Good Reads:
i've been hooked on a new series. 
we read the Brotherband Chronicles by john flanagan for book club, which i was very surprised that we all enjoyed immensely. if you are interested, just know it was a bit slow in the beginning, but really picks up and is quite good. 

 my mom and i decided to check out the author's first series called the Ranger's Apprentice.
i told chris after reading the first couple in the series that i liked these books because
1- they are clean
2- they are a fast read
3- they don't consume your life 
(like harry potter for example)
 i wasn't finding any little excuse to pop in a movie for the kids so i could read. 
well, now that I'm on the 8th book, i don't want to put them down! fortunately, i am able to keep things under control and only read during nap times and after the kids are in bed... for the most part...

Monday, July 2

thirty two!

chris had a birthday,
shout hurray!

we had a great time celebrating, thanks to grandma linda, who watched the kids so we could take off for a little getaway.

we headed up to tampa last thursday and hit up a rays game-
so fun!
the hotel we stayed at in downtown tampa-
so scary!
i wouldn't recommend getting a cheap hotel in tampa.
we thought we'd go cheap on the hotel and then go to a super nice restaurant in tampa (bern's steakhouse, anyone?) the following evening.

the next morning, bright and early, we headed to orlando and planned to spend the day at the temple and then swing by that super fancy restaurant in tampa on our way back.
that was the plan.
until we got there and realized the temple is closed due to maintenance.
chris was able to laugh it off, but i couldn't hold back my tears. its been so long since we've been able to attend together. we were looking forward to it.

we decided there wasn't anything else we wanted to do in orlando, so we headed home early, went to a movie, and then relieved grandma of her grandma duties.

it was really great to spend adult time together. we don't make time for that as much as we should. i doubt anyone does. but we had a lot of fun laughing at the concession guys at the game, singing to the music on our drive, trying to ignore the creepers at our hotel, and just being silly. it was a great trip!

happy birthday, chris!