Friday, July 13

HE said SHE said (part 3)

last year in july, and the july before that, i pretended to be a reporter and interviewed the kids. i guess we'll make this an annual thing! i've asked the same questions and its interesting to see whats stayed the same and whats changed. if you're curious, here's their responses in 2011 and 2010.
as always, these are their exact words. no coaching or prompting took place.
 (this year i added in a few things that pertain to charlie, since he can't answer them on his own yet.... except for his favorite thing to say!)

what's your favorite food?
j: fish. Grouper, snook and snapper and redfish
e: um, salad and apples and yogurt
c: yogurt, steak, and strawberries. loves strawberries.

what's your favorite color?
j: blue, green, well, all the colors
e: pink, blue, violet and I love green too

what's your favorite thing to do?
e: play with my dolls and my pigmy puff
c: bite mommy, be chased by daddy, and be tickled by j & e

what's your favorite movie?
j: hulk. “I am strong!” that’s what the hulk would say. i saw part of it once at bo and larissa's.
e: cinderella

favorite thing to wear?
j: my fishing shirts and soccer shorts
e: a dress that im wearing

least favorite thing to do?
j: I don’t like eating salads that I don’t like and I hate folding my laundry.
e: drink coffee. I hate coffee because its SO not healthy for you.
c: have his teeth brushed

favorite animal?
j: cheetahs since it runs fast and a mako shark cause it swims fast.
e: a, uh, ponies because I like 'em cause they’re pretty pretty pretty

if you could be an animal, what would you be?
j: a peregrine falcon since it dives down quick
e: I would be a people! Im just jokin! Um, a pink peregrine falcon.

favorite word to say?
j: snooooooooook
e: princesses.
c: a-book-a-book-a-boook-a etc
(this is the first thing he says when he wakes up in the morning and from a nap. 
apparently, he loves books)

your favorite thing to dream about?
j: flying cause ive had the best dream ever and I was flying
e: about princesses

favorite treat?
j: AHH, everything! Maybe an ice cream sundae!
e: vanilla ice cream and chocolate! And vanilla ice cream! 
oh yeah, i already said vanilla ice cream.
c: chocolate cake

favorite chore?
j: cleaning the toilet
e: mopping stuff that are dusty

which super hero would you be?
j: that’s easy. You know which one. The hulk.
e: no super heros. I don’t like super heros.

favorite book?
j: I want an avengers book. I don’t have one, but I want one. But out of the books we have I would choose Captain Abdul’s Pirate School.
e: my big princess book with stickers
c: oh my oh my oh dinosaurs!

what would you like to do if you were an adult?
j:  like I said, I want to be a jockey. And lets see, what does dad do that I want to do? Drive a car! And be a jockey
e: take care of children

my favorite answer was ellie's least favorite thing to do. so funny.


carrie said...

Hahaha...those were too cute! And yes, I laughed at Ellie's least favorite thing to do. Jack is such a boy, and Ellie is such a girl! It's so funny!

Larissa said...

yeah, you should really stop making her drink coffee :)
loved the interviews as always! And I will probably steel the idea from you! Miss you guys

Kandie said...

I read this to my kids, and they got a huge kick out of their answers. They love seeing your posts and what's going on in FL. Your kids are awesome and so are you.

Rachael Garner said...

Such a cute idea. Your kids have the best answers! I am sitting here laughing out loud to myself :) HILARIOUS!