Monday, July 9

a little snippet of our life lately

welcome to a little snippet of our life lately

last saturday we ate this...

(gotta have plenty of root beer and caramel corn)

and we watched this...

on this...
our first major purchase since we've started getting a real paycheck.
and it coincided perfectly with chris's birthday.
chris and my dad built a beautiful cabinet for it.
pictures to come!

everybody came for the movie night, but i only managed to catch a couple pics of auntie rik.

the annual pie eating contest that the kids earned in primary 

 we have a winner!
jack confided his secret with chris after the contest.
"dad, you know how i won? hehehe i picked the smallest piece! hehe" 
not only is he a fast eater, but a fast thinker too!

at the parade
grandma pushed charlie and cousin lou in the parade while jack and ellie rode bikes. after, we watched the fireworks and jack was too cool to sit with us and wanted to sit with some of the young women haha. but, charlie and ellie stayed with us and ooohed and awwwed over the fireworks. at one point E said, "i love this so much and its not even just a dream!"

Good Reads:
i've been hooked on a new series. 
we read the Brotherband Chronicles by john flanagan for book club, which i was very surprised that we all enjoyed immensely. if you are interested, just know it was a bit slow in the beginning, but really picks up and is quite good. 

 my mom and i decided to check out the author's first series called the Ranger's Apprentice.
i told chris after reading the first couple in the series that i liked these books because
1- they are clean
2- they are a fast read
3- they don't consume your life 
(like harry potter for example)
 i wasn't finding any little excuse to pop in a movie for the kids so i could read. 
well, now that I'm on the 8th book, i don't want to put them down! fortunately, i am able to keep things under control and only read during nap times and after the kids are in bed... for the most part...


Kandie said...

That jackster, he's a smartie just like his mom and pops!! We really missed the ward festivities this yr. I like your new purchase and I really like your choice of movie. Steve and I loved that one, we just rented it. I'm glad you posted what you are reading, bc I am in need of a good read. THx.

carrie said...

Mmmmmm...I'm craving root beer and caramel corn now! Hope we can have a movie night with you guys on that TV soon!!!