Saturday, April 24

that's gonna leave a mark!

we have had an eventful weekend. not the least of which was an accident had by ellie. on thursday evening i was hosting a baby shower here at my house. about 20 minutes before people started to arrive, i was having the kids expend some energy before they went to grandmas for the duration of the party. well, as luck would have it, ellie was running and somehow fell and smacked her mouth/cheek/entire face area on a window ledge. i heard THE scream (all moms know THE scream) and ran out of the kitchen to see a little person with blood filling her mouth and running down her chin.

i really know how to get a party started!

it looked like a crime scene! there was a little bit of blood on the floor and some on the window.... not to mention on my white dress shirt, my chin, and neck :) her mouth swelled up instantly and all we could really see was a cut on her lip and at least one or two on the inside of her mouth.

thank goodness my guardian angels, alicia and larissa, came early. they got everything cleaned-up and set-up just in time for the party while i cleaned myself up. it wasnt until after the shower that i remembered lari isnt so good with blood. sorry compadre! both of them were so calm and level-headed, which helped me stay as under control as possible, considering the circumstances... at least i think so..maybe they would tell it differently, i dont know!

here are a few pictures of our little invalid on friday:

she looks a little bit like lola, dont you think? or maybe just slightly ape-ish
this morning the swelling had gone down immensely, but of course, it left ANOTHER bruise on her cheek

on to more fun things! a baby shower! i called it "the triplet shower" because it was in honor of three friends in the ward that are all due within a few weeks of each other. it was excellent! great food and even better friends! and the best part... NO games!! does anyone even really enjoy baby shower games? and what baby shower wouldnt be complete without a few (dozen) plastic babies right?!
i was having too much fun at the shower to take any pictures, so those are just some of the leftovers.

yesterday we had fun watering the plants (which now basically means jack will be getting soaked along with the plants), made jello jigglers, and went to coconut point with larissa and everett. then in the afternoon some of jack's friends came over to paint. it was a busy couple of days!

somebody has a baby bump!!! woo woo! you have every right to hit me tomorrow at church larissa for posting this without your consent :)

today the kids found jack's lip smackers and put so much of the dang stuff on they looked like clowns! its a terrible picture, but the situation made me laugh...hard...
all i have left this weekend is sharing time in primary and an "end of season" b-b-q at my parents tomorrow. then we will be able to relax and take a breather. wait! i thought thats what the weekend was for...hmmm. interesting.

Monday, April 19

may i take your order?

hmmm, i think i'll order a fresh bowl of salsa and some salty tortilla chips please!

this morning my friend carolina, and her sweet little sophie, came over to make salsa. and not just any salsa, but lila feliciano's salsa! here are a few pics from this morning. i'll post the recipe at the end, that way you have to look at all the pictures whether you wanted to or not!

(this shot is missing the onions and jalapenos...cant have salsa without those!)

this is my brand spankin' new food processor i splurged on and bought one morning while chris was in class :) it works like a dream

here are some pics of sophie and carolina. no, these have not been edited AT ALL. they really are this cute!

jack is a tad bit obsessed with sophie. every sunday he searches the pews for sophie's ponytail and promptly says, "awwww sophie baby is so pretty today!"
this morning i told him that sophie came over to make salsa and he said, "sophie is my best baby in my whole world."

before i give the recipe, i feel i should tell you that this was only my second time ever making it by myself. chris is the real salsa-pro around here and he's been doing it for a couple years now. and my mom has been making it even longer. so with that said, here it is, as made by me, the non-salsa-pro....

unfortunately, i dont have any exact measurements. i hate it when a recipe says, add a little of this or a little of that. but with this, you just add what you like. if its something you really enjoy, you add more of it! it's not science people, just salsa. this isnt exactly like lila's, but its pretty dang close! (she adds chicken bouillon, but we havent noticed a difference with our without it)

*in the processor (or blender) chop up about half an onion and a few cloves (3-4) of garlic.

*then add a few seeded jalapenos (3-4) and chop. we usually peel them with a veggie peeler first because sometimes the skin can be a little bitter.

*add in tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, and salt and chop. lila uses any kind of fresh tomatoes. i usually use some grape or cherry tomatoes and a can of diced maters. the canned ones add a nice bright red color to the salsa.

*now. taste the salsa with a tortilla chip and decide if it needs a little more of something or other and add it. repeat several times till its just to your liking.

two things i have learned:
1- you need more salt than you think you do
2- be careful with the lime juice. start with a little and add more if you need to.

you will never go back to pace picante sauce again!

Monday, April 12

chomp sticks

we ate at a restaurant in naples called pei wei a couple months ago. jack thought the chopsticks were "so awesome and neat" so we just happened to take a few extra sets home with us for the little people to use. surprisingly, ellie enjoys them also.

jack hasnt been the best eater at dinner time lately, but if we bust out the sticks, he's good to go, especially when mahi mahi is involved! he calls them chomp sticks. no matter how hard he tries, he cant say chop sticks. we have a very entertaining video of him saying it, but for some reason blogger wont let me upload it. oh well, you'll just have to imagine it i suppose.

Wednesday, April 7

easter weekend

this easter seemed to mean a lot more to me than usual. as cheesy as this sounds, i learned a lot about the resurrection while studying for a sharing time lesson of all things. but i am grateful for the things i learned and the closeness i felt to the savior this holiday season. it was extra special being able to enjoy conference over the weekend as well. (not to mention we had PERFECT weather too... i love florida!)

we've got oodles of pictures from this weekend so im just going to let you fill in the blanks! we had a wonderful holiday and i hope you all did too!

ward easter breakfast and egg hunt:

car wash:

jack wash:

easter morning:
jack woke us up by running into our room shouting "they ate our carrots, they ate our carrots!" and we said "who ate our carrots?" "the easter rabbits!". i guess jack has already figured out there are multiple bunnies hopping around :)
they both received sunglasses, a movie, a tube o' chapstick, and box of band-aids. interesting combo, but they sure enjoyed it!

these ducks were in our backyard while we ate breakfast... we've never had ducks in our yard so it was ironic they decided to join us on easter!

egg hunt at gma and gpa's house:
i assure you that everett's distress was very short lived!

fire truck races:
what's a fire truck race you ask? watch and find out...