Friday, December 12

don't touch the elf!

charlie touched our elf.
they say if you touch your elf that it will lose its magic.
not true.

this is what happens...

charlie touched skippy, who was hanging from a garland, and he fell. it was about a 5 foot drop. chris picked him up and set him on the mantle. the following morning, all that was there was his hat and a note that told us he had been taken to the hospital and would need some time to recover, but he'd be back. and come back he did... with casts and bandages 4 days later. poor, poor skippy. he's unable to move and probably won't until christmas is over... ;)

Wednesday, December 10

our life

a few photos from our recent happenings...

thanksgiving was quiet and relaxing this year. we celebrated with just our little family and daddy experimented by smoking the turkey. jack and ellie both gobbled up the legs.

 rikki was here from november 20th until thanksgiving morning (that was a sad day when she left). we didn't do too much while she was here besides love on owen, but one highlight was when chris sent us away for some seriously needed pedicures. we also found a yummy burger place in town, finally! 
so thankful for family and their love and support.

poop face.
we see this poop face so many times a day, its impossible to count. he's a very poopy boy.

we decorated for christmas the day after thanksgiving to help me get over my missing rikki. we have been enjoying the scrumptious smells of our tree and all the other holiday scents this time of year brings.

it's been a long time since we grilled our own pizzas for pizza night. so yummy.

grandma flew in on the 3rd and we are loving every second she is here, especially Owen who seems to be quite smitten with her.

owen's first smiles were for daddy about a week and a half ago, but we didn't get any pictures. now he smiles a couple times each day and shares them with grandma the most. these are blurry, but oh so special.

 owen was blessed this past sunday, the 7th. it was a beautiful blessing and afterwards as we sat in our pew, i looked at my sweet baby asleep in my arms and my 3 other wild & noisy kids and my  thoughtful & handsome husband, i had a moment of complete peace and joy. it was a great moment in time that i won't ever forget.

we forgot to take the classic family picture outside the church building on sunday, but i did snap this one during sacrament of jack holding his buddy.

sunday evening, with the fire burning, we turned on the first presidency christmas devotional. glad i had my phone to capture a few of these pictures. i love them.