Saturday, October 25


is this not the CUTEST little man you have ever seen!!!!
bo and larissa sure did get a sweet one!

here is everett in his halloween costume. watch out michael phelps!

Thursday, October 23

the big 2 for our big boy

it's jack's birthday yahoooo! hip hip horray! here he is opening up a present from auntie layna. wahoo! ming ming from wonder pets. score!

ellie found her favorite spot while jack was blowing out candles.

jack got a drill from grandma browne.

i think he likes it!

jacks birthday has been a great one. he started out the day by eating scrambled eggs, which he LOVES. then he and ellie went to the doctor and both received shots. they both handle them pretty well. then jack, chris, and grandpa went fishing. jack was in heaven! they made the mistake of only taking two rods...that won't happen again.

chris and i got jack a toddler bed for his birthday. we found one that i liked alot, but we could only order online, which meant shipping would be close to $30. we ended up finding it on amazon for a really great price, so with shipping it was about the same as the ones from the store that i didnt like. i love it when things like that work out :)

jack got a new shirt for his birthday that we picked out last night at bass pro shop. it has a shark and tuna on it. currently tuna are his favorite fish, but that could change by next week.

here is jack opening his present from grandpa and grandma brower. they picked a good one! all he's wanted to watch since he opened it is the backyardigans. he loved the card they sent as well. he wouldnt let us open it to read because he was enjoying the monkey and tiger so much on the front!

i stopped filming at the WrOnG time! i was quite upset with myself! but as you saw above, he did dive right into his cake...several times!

jack doesn't understand what an awesome present this is quite yet. my dad is relandscaping their yard right now and he has added three very large cement circular paths through out it. while he was laying the cement he thought it would make a great path for big wheels. my mom went to target this morning and bought a big wheel and when she got home my dad said "come and look at this". he took her out to the van and inside was a big wheel put together with jack's name in vinyl lettering on it. they figured they would keep the extra one because everrett will need one soon enough! in a few months, i dont think we will be able to keep jack off of this thing!

rikki and i have pretty similar taste. ok, very similar taste. she picked out the CUTEST outfit i have ever seen! it was a mr. messy shirt that goes over top a white thermal long-sleeve with navy blue cord pants. i LOVE it! oh, and jack does too!

bo larissa and everrett gave jack AND us a present! not only will jack have a BlAsT at kidzoo, but that means we get a little break too! kidzoo is a huge indoor park that has tons of different things to do. we've heard great things about it from friends in the ward and have checked it out online, it looks awesome! thanks guys!

4 years....wowwie!

yesterday, the 22nd, chris and i celebrated our fourth anniversary. bo asked if it feels like its only been four days or four days under water. i can't believe it's gone by that fast. it seems like just yesterday i was looking out my window, waiting for chris to come pick me up for our first date to go ice skating.....memories. just kidding. so yesterday we did normal anniversary stuff like go to costco to buy diapers, go geocaching, oh yeah we went out to dinner. mom and dad gave us a gift card to a new restaurant here called stir crazy. its "fresh" chinese cuisine. we enjoyed it immensely, but that could just be because the kids were with grandma :) then around 7:30 we did what everyone dreams of doing on their anniversary. we went to bass pro shop to meet George Poveromo. this is jack's biggest hero. he is a fisherman who has a show on espn. we dont have cable, so jack watches his dvd's and loves fish like wahoo, grouper, and big-eye tuna because of this man. when we first saw george at bass pro, he was in the middle of teaching a seminar and jack kept whispering "sheeorge" "sheeorge" and pointing at him. we were surprised that he actually put it all together! well, george took a pick with him, signed his dvd cover and got our address so he could send us all shirts. it was really fun and we hope jack will enjoy it for a long time. it really was a great day!

Monday, October 20

we miss grandma!

jack misses grandma janie so much! ok, ok, ok, we all do!


this last weekend chris attended a scouting thing called woodbadge. when he told me about it a long time ago i thought it was fine, he would be gone for a couple of days and that was it. cool. well its turned out to be a nightmare, well, for me. so he went last month to a three day thing. then he went last weekend for three days, and he goes next month for three days. if that wasnt bad enough (ok, some people are fine with that, but i hardly get to see chris as it is), he has to meet together with guys from the stake for the next few saturdays before their next visit to the camp. they have to each bring a tree to plant and bring all the materials to build a picnic table/bench. RIDICULOUS if you ask me! and to top it all off, i just found out it cost 200 bones to go to this thing! i have tried really hard not to voice my frustrations to chris about it because he's just doing what they asked him...but come on! give me a break!
so while chris was at woodbadge, jack pulled over our stand that holds all of our movies over onto his big toe. this isnt a great pic. he will defintely be losing this toe nail!

october projects

i love doing crafts like this. mostly because they dont take much time but i feel like i accomplished something. that doesnt happen too much around here anymore with ellie being mobile and jack still a crazy man.

these were two of my projects this month. the first i did this past weekend for jack's birthday. because his b-day is this thursday, i made fish sugar cookies for him to share in nursery....that was my way of getting out of having a party here at the house....lame i know. the other was just a halloween present for the ladies delayna i visit teach. the pics dont really do them justice. they are adorable!


ellie doesnt enjoy any food that has bananas in it. i thought we could trick her by feeding her a mixed berries and banana baby food, but she was not fooled. we let her paint instead. i guess she takes after her auntie kerz!

ellie and ev are best buds! they love to play, which really means stealing toys from each other over and over. its pretty entertainging to see whos faster.

Thursday, October 9

what a dork

ok, so i made this clip about my recent canning adventures and laughed SO hard at how stupid i am. just sit back and enjoy the freak show! you might want some popcorn. rikki, i can just picture you watching this....

i warned you guys! pretty silly i am. so anywho. we canned twice over the past two weeks. the first week was really fun, because mom me and larissa worked together. this past time was fun...not really fun like the first week. mostly cause mom wasnt there. i was surprised that it wasnt lame like i always imagined it would be. who knew! we canned oats, wheat, rice, black beans, sugar, dry milk, apple slices, macaroni, potato flakes and spaghetti. i didnt personally purchase all of that stuff, but its nice to get started with our years supply.

she's on the loose!

ellie has started crawling. its not very smooth, but she can definitely get to where she wants to go. she is so fun to watch. usually she says "mamamamama" nonstop. and she is always grunting, which im sure is only funny to chris and me. i suppose that could be frightening to some. she loves jack so much. he lays down on the kitchen floor in the mornings and has me lay her down on his belly. they both laugh and wiggle around.

fun at the park

chris took the kids to jack's favorite place on dry land last saturday morning while i was at a baby shower. its a dragon park that is located at the coconut point mall. its all enclosed and covered. jack did come home with a few bruises which means he had an outstanding time!ellie likes it too...mostly because everett is usually there to play with her. they are so sweet together!

while at the baby shower we played a game where a present was passed around with many different layers of wrapping paper. each person would unwrap a layer and there was a note revealed giving the person some instruction. sometimes it was something nice like have some candy and pass to the next person. but sometimes it would give you a challenge. well, as luck would have it, i had a challenge where i had to race against sister clawson. this wasnt an ordinary race. we had to see who could drink the most orange juice from a baby bottle in one minute. im sure it was highly entertaining for all who was there! sister clawson was a good sport, that was the only reason why i went along with it.