Monday, October 20


this last weekend chris attended a scouting thing called woodbadge. when he told me about it a long time ago i thought it was fine, he would be gone for a couple of days and that was it. cool. well its turned out to be a nightmare, well, for me. so he went last month to a three day thing. then he went last weekend for three days, and he goes next month for three days. if that wasnt bad enough (ok, some people are fine with that, but i hardly get to see chris as it is), he has to meet together with guys from the stake for the next few saturdays before their next visit to the camp. they have to each bring a tree to plant and bring all the materials to build a picnic table/bench. RIDICULOUS if you ask me! and to top it all off, i just found out it cost 200 bones to go to this thing! i have tried really hard not to voice my frustrations to chris about it because he's just doing what they asked him...but come on! give me a break!
so while chris was at woodbadge, jack pulled over our stand that holds all of our movies over onto his big toe. this isnt a great pic. he will defintely be losing this toe nail!

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