Thursday, October 23

the big 2 for our big boy

it's jack's birthday yahoooo! hip hip horray! here he is opening up a present from auntie layna. wahoo! ming ming from wonder pets. score!

ellie found her favorite spot while jack was blowing out candles.

jack got a drill from grandma browne.

i think he likes it!

jacks birthday has been a great one. he started out the day by eating scrambled eggs, which he LOVES. then he and ellie went to the doctor and both received shots. they both handle them pretty well. then jack, chris, and grandpa went fishing. jack was in heaven! they made the mistake of only taking two rods...that won't happen again.

chris and i got jack a toddler bed for his birthday. we found one that i liked alot, but we could only order online, which meant shipping would be close to $30. we ended up finding it on amazon for a really great price, so with shipping it was about the same as the ones from the store that i didnt like. i love it when things like that work out :)

jack got a new shirt for his birthday that we picked out last night at bass pro shop. it has a shark and tuna on it. currently tuna are his favorite fish, but that could change by next week.

here is jack opening his present from grandpa and grandma brower. they picked a good one! all he's wanted to watch since he opened it is the backyardigans. he loved the card they sent as well. he wouldnt let us open it to read because he was enjoying the monkey and tiger so much on the front!

i stopped filming at the WrOnG time! i was quite upset with myself! but as you saw above, he did dive right into his cake...several times!

jack doesn't understand what an awesome present this is quite yet. my dad is relandscaping their yard right now and he has added three very large cement circular paths through out it. while he was laying the cement he thought it would make a great path for big wheels. my mom went to target this morning and bought a big wheel and when she got home my dad said "come and look at this". he took her out to the van and inside was a big wheel put together with jack's name in vinyl lettering on it. they figured they would keep the extra one because everrett will need one soon enough! in a few months, i dont think we will be able to keep jack off of this thing!

rikki and i have pretty similar taste. ok, very similar taste. she picked out the CUTEST outfit i have ever seen! it was a mr. messy shirt that goes over top a white thermal long-sleeve with navy blue cord pants. i LOVE it! oh, and jack does too!

bo larissa and everrett gave jack AND us a present! not only will jack have a BlAsT at kidzoo, but that means we get a little break too! kidzoo is a huge indoor park that has tons of different things to do. we've heard great things about it from friends in the ward and have checked it out online, it looks awesome! thanks guys!


Rikki Browne said...

I can't tell you how much these pics and videos mean to me. I know this screams goober, but I get emotional every time I watch and read them...and that's saying something, considering I open and re-open your blog several times a day. When the girls at work are watching them with me, they say "we can tell how special your family is to you and how much you miss them, just by the look on our face when you watch them". Thank you:)

Elaine said...

Awww, I love hearing your voices!! This made me so happy. Happy Birthday Jack, I've never met you but you are one special little boy who is a part of a very special family!

lisa said...

elaine!!! you have no idea how happy i was to read your comment! thanks so much. you'll have to send me your blog info so i can catch up with your family!!!

Elaine said...

Lisa, I need your email to send you an invite to our blog. Email me at!