Tuesday, March 1

baptism day!

ellie was baptized on Saturday! 

she was a little nervous, but after assuring her that chris wasn't going to drop her in the water, she was more than ready! it was pretty special watching her and dani in their jumpsuits... they were all smiles.

ellie asked Jack to say the opening prayer and our dear friend, Doris Mabray, to speak on baptism. during the talk, doris was able to tell a few stories about when she worked with great grandpa browne back in the 80's, which was really sweet. she also gave both girls a very soft white teddy bear to remind them of their baptism and to always make sure they were living in a way to keep their spirits white and clean.

ellie and dani sang "when i am baptized". it was very very quiet, but so beautiful with their little angel voices.

not sure if its ok to take pictures of the baptism itself, but since the ordinance hadn't started yet, i thought it'd be ok for our loved ones who are far away to have a little sneak a peek.

right after the baptism, clean and happy, wrapped up in the special towel grandma janie made her! ellie said, "i looooved that! wish i could do it again!"

because it was dinner time, we had soup and rolls followed by chocolate cake and snickerdoodles, per dani and ellie's request.

charlie and his buddies were caught trying to cut the cake...

because the smith's had a lot of family in town for the baptism, they went ahead and blessed little remi after the girls confirmations. so, so precious!

chris and i gave ellie her first set of scriptures before the baptism, which she had been anxiously awaiting. grandma and grandpa browne sent her a matching pocket hymnal with her name on it.

i couldn't resist snapping a picture of her in baptism dress while holding her baby blessing dress!

ellie was so touched by all the cards, emails, and texts that everyone sent her to celebrate her baptism! she has kept them all tucked safely in a folder and reads them each day. what a special experience it is as a parent to see your child be so excited to follow in the footsteps of the Savior.