Saturday, August 10

first day of school!

wow, this summer flew by!
but we were all ready for school to start.
jack is in Mrs. Burnham's 1st grade class and ellie is in Ms. Meredith's kindergarten class.

i think they were both excited to ride the bus more than anything else.
here they are with their best buddy, ava, at the bus stop on the first day, august 7th.

jack walked into the school for their open house and acted like he owned the place. every teacher knows his name and he says hi to everyone, and i mean everyone. who cares if they are in third grade?! not jack! he made me tear up on the first day because i knew he would take care of ellie. he told me he would walk her to class and give her a hug. and i knew he would. he's just that kind of kid. when ellie and i walked into her class at the open house, Ms Meredith said, "hi ellie! i know you're ellie because i knew i was getting jack's little sister. i love jack!". he has a reputation and it's a great one.

im not sure what i'm enjoying more, the fact that i get to spend my days with all my attention devoted to charlie (which means i get to do alot of reading, since he likes to play by himself! im doing a happy dance right now as i type this because its so great!) or that i dont have to pick up and drop off kids in the mornings and afternoons. that has sure helped to cut back on the early morning rush!

so what have charlie-man and i been up to this week?
potty training.

he was ready, even if i wasn't. 
he doesnt ever have accidents at home, as long as he's not wearing any underwear. as soon as the pants are on, he leaks. he'll get the hang of it sooner or later. until then, we'll just go commando at home and wear diapers out in public for a while.

last weekend i went out for a birthday dinner with mom, rikki, and alli to one of my faves, ted's montana grill. love their juicy burgers. oh man, so tasty.  
mom tried to get a picture of us with my phone, which made us all laugh watching her try to figure out "the darn thing". this was the best of the three. i like it because she is in the picture with us... or at least part of her... :)

and just because it's so cute, here is a fuzzy picture of jack with cousin sophie. this was the first time we saw soph and ev after their long trip to idaho. sophie kept jumping on jack to give him long hugs and holding his hand whenever she walked anywhere. we sure missed them!!!