Thursday, September 24

because i can't sleep

its almost 1 o'clock and the kids went to bed hours ago. my sinuses are so congested i cant sleep. and thats frustrating to me. so to cheer myself up, i logged onto one of my favorite sites . if you enjoy looking at good food, drooling all over your lap, and wishing you knew how to cook....check out this site. you'll be hooked.

Tuesday, September 22

bienvenidos a miami

last night we headed over to miami for the dolphins/colts football game! as im sure most of you know, im not THE BIGGEST FOOTBALL FAN in the world, but im married to him so...
i was excited to go because we were going (without the kids) with our good friends, ben and katie smith, from the ward.
we got to miami early enough to stop somewhere for dinner. we wanted to try something a little different. we decided on jamaican food and plugged it in the GPS. we ended up at this place:
yes, thats right, it is called "nice mon".
on the menu were things like oxtails and curried goat. this was the real deal folks! while all five of the people in the restaurant were watching us, we decided to head next door to a very local restaurant called chilis....ok i suppose some of you have probably heard of it.
eating at chili's was quite an experience in and of itself. i dont want to go into too many details, but im pretty sure its safe to say that our waitress didnt like us because we were white. i dont usually talk about race and all that mumbo jumbo, but she was quite obvious about it. she was rude enough that chris didnt even leave a tip, which i didnt feel good about, but im trying to get over it
the game was really really fun! the stadium felt HUGE and we were lucky enough to sit in the 11th row! i realized that an NFL game is nothing like attending a BYU game. this struck me as the guy next to us had beer thrown at him before the game even started. but besides all the drunks and insane amounts of cleavage, i had so much fun with katie. we are always laughing and have a good time together. i will be so so so sad when their family moves next spring.

apparently there were supposed to be a few celebs at the game, but we only saw one. luckily it was one of chris' all time favorites! thats right, MR. TIGER WOODS was at the game!
he stood on the sidelines and we had a perfect view of him the whole time. it was pretty amazing, i have to admit.

we call this picture "crouching tiger (no) hidden dragon"

Wednesday, September 16


i will have a beautiful kitchen like these. i dont particularly love everything about these individual kitchens, but i do love the over all feeling from them.......mmm kitchens, how i crave them!

Monday, September 14

cobbler, newlyweds, and preschool

sorry. long time no post. well, let me rewind things a bit. alli and jacob were here for layna's wedding and we were fortunate enough to have them stay for almost two weeks after the wedding. for labor day we had a huge feast (including chris' ribs, homemade baked beans, fruit, texas toast, etc). but the star of the show was larissa's peach cobbler. it was insanely delectable! i have a feeling alli wont appreciate this picture very much...i have a knack for posting such pictures :)
we are missing these two punks very much
is this not one of the cutest faces ever? i have a huge soft spot for everett, especially when he's in his shiny blue speedo

i have started teaching a small preschool group. they meet twice a week and i only have to teach every third week. they started last week and today was my first time teaching. these guys were so much fun, i am looking forward to wednesday.
here's an upclose and personal view of my pupils!


( of course )

as luck would have it, jack decided to break a snow globe right towards the beginning of my first time teaching. do you know what the fluid is inside of a snowglobe? i can tell you. oil! yes, oil! lets just say it made a rotten mess and took quite a while to clean up. the kids kept running through it so i made them all sit on the edge of the tub and wash their tootsies. and i had to snap a picture cause they looked so stinkin cute.

i made this little hanging pocket thing for the kids to keep all of their school work in. i thought it turned out pretty neat. i put their names on their pocket with that printable fabric. have i ever mentioned how much i love that stuff? its awesome for lazy people like myself that cant/dont take time on projects!
this is chris's last week of work. he starts school full-time on the 28th and we are both excited to have him start....because it means we are that much closer to finishing! it has been over 4 years since chris started working the night shift at work! i had a hard time getting used to sleeping without him at night and i have a feeling it will take some getting used to having him there again, but i dont mind in the least :)