Friday, September 20

the news is out...

our family is making some big changes!
after a few years of praying that doors would open for us to move at the right time and to the right place, they have. chris was offered a really, really good job and we couldnt turn it down.

so where are we headed?

who would have ever thought we'd end up in arkansas?! 

but it seems like a great fit and we cant wait to give it a go.
one of the first things jack and ellie said when we talked to them about the move was "now we can take banjo lessons!!!". when we told our friends, the cummings family, that we were going to AR, jack said "im goin' hog hunting!" and ellie followed with "and i'm gonna play the banjo!". looks like they've been ready for awhile i guess. making a big move is so much easier when the kids are happy too.

the main reason for the move is to pay off our student loans. right now, our minds cant even imagine what it will be like to be debt-free, but this move will make that happen.

we have some excellent friends, ben and katie smith, that moved there last year and have been the key to making this happen. we are so happy to be living near them again! jack and jenna were such good little buddies :) and ellie will be in heaven having three girls to play with.

chris' first day is November 4th.
before we knew about all of this, we planned a trip to idaho to visit family from october 18-27th. that means we will have a total of 4 1/2 weeks to prepare. we have to not only pack, find a new place there, and move, but we also have to prep this house for selling. its been a whirlwind! we've been busy painting (which absolutely positively stinks) and replacing baseboards. we'll be doing some landscaping and redoing our patio as well. it's fun to watch this house transform. its such a great little house.

how do we feel about moving?
this has all happened very suddenly. chris and i have both felt very calm and peaceful through out the last two weeks while making this decision, which has been a confirmation to us that this is the right choice. the actual move and the adventure we are looking forward to is exciting and wonderful! 
as long as we focus on that instead of what and who we are leaving behind, its ok. when i think about our family, friends, and even my sweet little ones in primary that we will say goodbye to.... its heart wrenching. so right now, im just not thinking about it. i'd rather it slam me as we drive away rather than right now while i have so much to do. chris and the kids are sad, but ready for change. and change is a good thing. it really is a good thing.

Friday, September 13

before and after: kitchen

i realized that we never posted any after pictures of our kitchen remodel, so here they are.





don't mind the major yellow tint from the grass reflecting through the window in these pictures. wish i knew some editing techniques, but you get the idea.

we have been loving this kitchen. 
we were able to optimize the storage space with pull out shelves and bigger cabinets which has allowed us to utilize it in a much smarter, more organized, way.
not to mention that the apron-front sink, the subway tiles, the quiet disposal, and the soft closing cabinets are all amazing :)

chris and grandpa dave did an incredible job. 
it was fun to watch chris learn new skills during this adventure. that man is full of all sorts of talent!
and it's always fun to watch my dad tackle a project because he knows how to do everything. and if, by some small chance he doesnt, he somehow figures it out and makes it happen. we are lucky to be taught by the best!

Monday, September 9


how in the world is it september? 
it seems as though my days last forever, but the months fly by faster than a blink. i guess thats the way it is with little ones. we are really looking forward to "fall" around here with all the pumpkins, baked goods, crafting, and of course halloween!

here are a few snippets from the past few weeks that i have managed to forget amid all of the reading i have been doing :)

the kids are running with me on saturday mornings

we dont go too far, just to the hyatt and back, but im glad they enjoy getting out and exercising. and truth be told, with all the problems i've had with my shins, i dont mind taking an easy run and using the kids as an excuse.

we made an impromptu stop at the park last week after a library run. it ended up being one of our best outings ever!

the kids actually played happily together
let me repeat that. 
the kids actually played happily together

and since no one else was there, i even ran through the splash pad with the kids... in a white shirt. it felt great. what can i say, im a rebel.

jack also learned how to be a bat. i loved hanging upside down from the monkey bars when i was a kid, so it was fun to watch him... and sneak a couple tickles in those pits :)

last week charlie and i went to the movie theater (pronounced thee-ate-r by the kids) to see monsters university. im not sure why charlie started calling sully "good guy", but he does. we were the only ones in the theater and a big storm blew through. it was a little creepy. but we had a good time munching on popcorn, mike and ikes, and giggling at the silly monsters.

charlie and i are still going to the beach on tuesdays, much to ellie and jack's chagrin, but hey, can you blame me? here's charlie and his pal grace on the swing at jack and cherie's after a tough morning of stealing each others toys and knocking over each others castles.

we love our cousins!
last weekend we swapped date nights and babysitting with bo and larissa. when we had the kids we cooked up a pancake feast and played a fun version of dodge ball, but with stuffed animals. it was kids vs adults. we were sorely out numbered.

little ash-man eating pancakes and hash browns

and louie snapping a selfie with cousin soph.

life is good!