Friday, September 13

before and after: kitchen

i realized that we never posted any after pictures of our kitchen remodel, so here they are.





don't mind the major yellow tint from the grass reflecting through the window in these pictures. wish i knew some editing techniques, but you get the idea.

we have been loving this kitchen. 
we were able to optimize the storage space with pull out shelves and bigger cabinets which has allowed us to utilize it in a much smarter, more organized, way.
not to mention that the apron-front sink, the subway tiles, the quiet disposal, and the soft closing cabinets are all amazing :)

chris and grandpa dave did an incredible job. 
it was fun to watch chris learn new skills during this adventure. that man is full of all sorts of talent!
and it's always fun to watch my dad tackle a project because he knows how to do everything. and if, by some small chance he doesnt, he somehow figures it out and makes it happen. we are lucky to be taught by the best!


Jenni Taysom said...

Love it! looks gorgeous.

Melica and Aaron said...

It is a beautiful kitchen! You do have an amazing talented father!

Rachael Garner said...

The kitchen looks wonderful! Congrats!

Amy said...

OH, I love it! It looks so nice...I love the sink. Your Dad and Chris do good work...feel free to send them up our way to help Tyler with ours :)