Friday, February 15


this month's cutest valentines:

from one of my favorite blogs here

this month's cutest super bowl treat:
chocolate whoopie pies
that are freakin' incredible

recipe found here

this month's cutest two year old:
charlie babe

Tuesday, February 12

ellie day

yesterday was all about
she turned 5.

she helped paint these little butterfly clips for her healthy birthday treat at school.
they turned out adorable.

when her classmates finally figured out how a clothespin works and took them off to eat their snack, cousin everett was smart enough to call his a caterpillar.

ellie invited ev to come play after preschool.
they made a band, which i forgot to get pictures of, but it was very cute and very loud.
then we headed to chick-fil-a for lunch!

jack got ellie a new swimsuit for this summer

look at that smile!
she loves her scrapbook from grandma janie and grandpa bart

daddy took her out for her birthday dinner.
her choice: olive garden

while they were at dinner, the boys and i made some special rice crispie treats to have after FHE.
jack gave a great lesson on the resurrection and then ellie got to blow out one last candle.
(we sang happy birthday to her 5 times over the weekend, whew!)

we love our ellie bug, even if she is a bit sassy :)


ellie helped make banners, decorate aprons, and arrange flowers 
for her baking party this past saturday. 
it was a great success and all the girls had a superb time!

the birthday girl
how is she five already?!


dipping strawberries!



frosting cupcakes!

making a wish!