Friday, March 30

it was fun while it lasted

it was so so so great having daddy home and all to ourselves for two whole weeks.
and even though we are sad that he has to have a normal work life again starting next week, we are so so so grateful that he has a job. hopefully we will make it to disney or busch gardens or one of those fun places at some point. but for right now, our quiet little two week break was exactly what the brower family needed.


last friday, rikki and i headed to the movie theater to snag a spot in line for seats to see the Hunger Games. i told chris it was necessary because the line was going to be insane. whelp, when we got there, i had to text chris this picture...

 yes, that is me.
it was fun seeing the movie with chris, my cute little mama, and rik. chris and i enjoyed the movie. it in no way compares to the book, but thats expected. i thought some of the graphics/acting/lines/scenes were cheesy, but i guess thats to be expected too. they did stick with the story line fairly well. but i was disappointed that while watching the movie, i never had any of the strong feelings that i felt while reading the book. books seem to be filled with magic in that way. but i really think it is worth the money to see it in the theater. chris started reading the book last week at night when the kids were in bed. i kept looking over his shoulder, reading a page or two here and there and finally asked him if i could just read it out loud to him. he humored me and let me read it haha. it was fun for me, probably not him. but i had fun trying to talk like i imagined the characters sounding, especially effie trinket.


these kids are cute.

 last week jack had a friend come home with us after school. in the car i overheard him say to his buddy, "hey, you want quesadillas for lunch? 
my mom makes THE BEST quesadillas. she puts beans in 'em and, mmmm, they are delicioso!". 
it made me smile.

this is our 300th post!
so, like i have done in the past, i am going to ask a question, and the first correct response will receive a special prize, and the prize totally depends on where you live- lame, i know.

here's the question:
what song was playing on the radio while i was in labor with ellie and we were stuck in traffic?
a- talking heads "once in a lifetime"
b- billy idol "white wedding"
c- michael jackson "billy jean"
d- coldplay "yellow"

good luck
...and may the odds ever be in your favor

lakes park

these kids LOVE to ride. bikes, scooter, you name it- they love it.
so we hit up lakes park, with all their great paths and rode for a while, then played on the train playground, and after getting hot and dripping with sweat, we ran around the splash park. can't beat that for $2!

when we went back to the car after playing, we realized we had left the trunk of the van WIDE OPEN. i think i have officially lost it.
we went home, took naps, and then went over to hurricane grill for dinner because kids eat free on wednesdays. so, if you are keeping track, that makes TWO nights in a row that i didn't have to plan/shop/prepare dinner!!! it really did feel like a vacation.

beaching it up!

we've had a relaxing break while waiting for chris' new job to start. his first day is next monday. last year we discussed going to disney world after school was over. and then about six months ago we realized that disney was a no-go because we are a 'broke-recent college grad-with three kids-family'. so then we thought maybe busch gardens since the kids would be free. but after thinking about it, chris came up with a fantastic idea to have a 'stay-cation' rather than a vacation. so we stayed! and had fun doing a few things that were free, since thats all we can afford :)

naturally, we started our stay-cation with a trip to the beach,
and were lucky enough to have aunt alli and cousin louie join us.

it was louie's first trip and she did great!
she didn't even eat any sand, 
which is a complete opposite or charlie :) 
she just sucked on the salty shells instead.

poor ellie.
i was busy trying to get charlie covered in sunscreen and thought chris got some on ellie. chris was getting sunscreen on jack and thought alli was getting some on ellie. and alli was putting sunscreen on her own child and didn't worry about a kid that wasn't hers, thinking her parents would be smart enough.
needless to say, ellie's back was a little red that evening. 
it wasn't as bad as it could have been. 
i guess thats one good thing about only staying for less then two hours.

that night, alli and jacob treated us to 50 wings at buffalo wild wings in ft. myers. after which we treated them to milkshakes. it was a tasty way to end a fantastic day!

father and sons 2012

we've been having too much fun with dad at home and blogging hasn't been at the top of my priority list. so the next few posts will be about the fun things that have taken place during the past two weeks.

jack and chis had a very successful father and sons campout on the 16th & 17th.
jack is still talking about all the fun things they did and people he played with. 
chris told me that jack was all over the place. 
if he saw someone playing any sport, he would jump right in, 
no matter how old they were. I'm glad he has no reservations in that regard! 
they stayed up past 10, ate steak and cobbler and smore's. 
i think they were both in heaven.

how cute are these pictures of jack and everett?! 
what handsome archers they are.

and, just because jack is awesome, i am going to include this 
video of his dance moves that chris recorded in office max 
(jan 2011) 
i just saw this for the first time a few weeks ago and seriously cried from laughter when i watched it.

he has always been a dancer. 
remember this?
(sept 2008)
man, how we love our jack, 
especially when he adds a shimmy!

Thursday, March 15

exciting, exciting!

exciting thing # uno:
no more school!
no more clinicals!
words can't express how grateful we are to have this done!
and, one of the best parts:
he doesn't start work for a couple weeks!!!
i could go on and on and on about how excited we are, but i'll just leave it at that.

exciting thing # dos:
the hunger games.
in 8 days.
oh yeah.
anyone else ecstatic?
and chris can actually read it now because he's DONE! 
did i already mention that he was finished???
just checkin.

exciting thing # tres:
sophie's got pigtails!
i tried to snap more pics, but these two are just too quick. 
every other picture was a blur of stripes!

exciting thing # quatro:
louie is great!
and puts up with very loving cousins

she even likes forts.

exciting thing # cinco:
chris is done!!!!!!

dear K

dear K-

there are a million things that i wanted to express while saying goodbye, but couldn't bring myself to say because i knew i'd just be a mess. so instead, i had a good cry in the car :)
first and foremost, YOU ROCK! 
and you're little family is out of this world!
and you guys are going to have SO MUCH fun in kansas city! 
i can't believe how fast our time together went, but i won't ever forget it. you were my friend all along the way and i have no doubts that Heavenly Father sent you to florida to be my pal! and i know so many other people feel the same exact way. thats the powerful influence you have on those you meet. you radiate goodness and warmth. you make everyone around you feel better about who they are. by your example, you taught me more about charity, love, and kindness than most people could teach in a lifetime. i feel so lucky to have been able to work side by side with you in primary. i needed your help so badly and you went above and beyond. you have made me want to be a better person. thank you, K! and the fact that chris and steve were able to be such great friends as well, was the icing on the cake! we'll see you in hawaii for a conference...someday... :)


Thursday, March 8

a whole lotta nothin'

nothing too exciting around these parts, which is A-OK.
this morning i babysat sophie and ashton while larissa took ellie and everett to the park to teach them tennis. its part of our preschool's March Madness. a superb idea by yours truly. and by yours truly, i mean larissa.
she's always got great ideas.
this month we are teaming up with carolina and amy and teaching the kiddos a different sport each week. 
which is a pretty entertaining thought: me teaching a sport. HA!

 yesterday i made a decadent chocolate cheesecake for our Young Women's silent auction for their girls camp fundraiser. somehow it managed to make its way back into my fridge. we may have sabotaged the competition with a prior agreement.
thanks mom for bidding on my treat... and then giving it to us to enjoy!

there is plenty to share with the people we love. like this sweet girl, 
little lady lou.
she stared at the cheesecake for a little and then LUNGED!

yup. thats about it right now.
babies and cheesecake.
chris heads over to the church at about 7- 7:30 each morning to study for the boards until 5- 5:30. everyday, except sunday that is. its nice and quiet there, without any distractions... except my relentless texts. i just can't help it. its tough knowing that he isn't at school and he isn't at work, just sitting in a room reading books. and i just want to play with my friend. i can't wait for this test to be over to have my friend back.