Friday, March 30

father and sons 2012

we've been having too much fun with dad at home and blogging hasn't been at the top of my priority list. so the next few posts will be about the fun things that have taken place during the past two weeks.

jack and chis had a very successful father and sons campout on the 16th & 17th.
jack is still talking about all the fun things they did and people he played with. 
chris told me that jack was all over the place. 
if he saw someone playing any sport, he would jump right in, 
no matter how old they were. I'm glad he has no reservations in that regard! 
they stayed up past 10, ate steak and cobbler and smore's. 
i think they were both in heaven.

how cute are these pictures of jack and everett?! 
what handsome archers they are.

and, just because jack is awesome, i am going to include this 
video of his dance moves that chris recorded in office max 
(jan 2011) 
i just saw this for the first time a few weeks ago and seriously cried from laughter when i watched it.

he has always been a dancer. 
remember this?
(sept 2008)
man, how we love our jack, 
especially when he adds a shimmy!


Larissa said...

That last video of jack's dance got me laughing out loud. He does the best shimmies! And I loved that power-stance at the end!

Melissa said...

So I want to know where Jack gets his moves from--you or Chris? Joel and I almost died laughing. Jack is awesome. Do think he could teach me to shimmy like that?