Friday, March 30

beaching it up!

we've had a relaxing break while waiting for chris' new job to start. his first day is next monday. last year we discussed going to disney world after school was over. and then about six months ago we realized that disney was a no-go because we are a 'broke-recent college grad-with three kids-family'. so then we thought maybe busch gardens since the kids would be free. but after thinking about it, chris came up with a fantastic idea to have a 'stay-cation' rather than a vacation. so we stayed! and had fun doing a few things that were free, since thats all we can afford :)

naturally, we started our stay-cation with a trip to the beach,
and were lucky enough to have aunt alli and cousin louie join us.

it was louie's first trip and she did great!
she didn't even eat any sand, 
which is a complete opposite or charlie :) 
she just sucked on the salty shells instead.

poor ellie.
i was busy trying to get charlie covered in sunscreen and thought chris got some on ellie. chris was getting sunscreen on jack and thought alli was getting some on ellie. and alli was putting sunscreen on her own child and didn't worry about a kid that wasn't hers, thinking her parents would be smart enough.
needless to say, ellie's back was a little red that evening. 
it wasn't as bad as it could have been. 
i guess thats one good thing about only staying for less then two hours.

that night, alli and jacob treated us to 50 wings at buffalo wild wings in ft. myers. after which we treated them to milkshakes. it was a tasty way to end a fantastic day!

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carrie said...

That looks like a lot of fun!!! How nice to go to the beach and spend time as a family!!!