Friday, March 30

it was fun while it lasted

it was so so so great having daddy home and all to ourselves for two whole weeks.
and even though we are sad that he has to have a normal work life again starting next week, we are so so so grateful that he has a job. hopefully we will make it to disney or busch gardens or one of those fun places at some point. but for right now, our quiet little two week break was exactly what the brower family needed.


last friday, rikki and i headed to the movie theater to snag a spot in line for seats to see the Hunger Games. i told chris it was necessary because the line was going to be insane. whelp, when we got there, i had to text chris this picture...

 yes, that is me.
it was fun seeing the movie with chris, my cute little mama, and rik. chris and i enjoyed the movie. it in no way compares to the book, but thats expected. i thought some of the graphics/acting/lines/scenes were cheesy, but i guess thats to be expected too. they did stick with the story line fairly well. but i was disappointed that while watching the movie, i never had any of the strong feelings that i felt while reading the book. books seem to be filled with magic in that way. but i really think it is worth the money to see it in the theater. chris started reading the book last week at night when the kids were in bed. i kept looking over his shoulder, reading a page or two here and there and finally asked him if i could just read it out loud to him. he humored me and let me read it haha. it was fun for me, probably not him. but i had fun trying to talk like i imagined the characters sounding, especially effie trinket.


these kids are cute.

 last week jack had a friend come home with us after school. in the car i overheard him say to his buddy, "hey, you want quesadillas for lunch? 
my mom makes THE BEST quesadillas. she puts beans in 'em and, mmmm, they are delicioso!". 
it made me smile.

this is our 300th post!
so, like i have done in the past, i am going to ask a question, and the first correct response will receive a special prize, and the prize totally depends on where you live- lame, i know.

here's the question:
what song was playing on the radio while i was in labor with ellie and we were stuck in traffic?
a- talking heads "once in a lifetime"
b- billy idol "white wedding"
c- michael jackson "billy jean"
d- coldplay "yellow"

good luck
...and may the odds ever be in your favor


Carolina said...

I guess D!

We went tonight, got there thirty minutes early and the guy said there wasn't going to be a line. After ice cream and winow shopping, we came back about five minutes to the start and the theater was close to empty. What?!?

You do make delicioso quesadillas!

Amy said...

Oh man, I was going to guess D, hmm I guess A.

Tell Chris Congrats for us. Congrats to you too for surviving!

Larissa said...

it was white wedding! right???
love the post, and yes- you do make the crispiest tasty qua-z-dillas ever

Kersey Campbell said...

I TOTALLY thought I answered. Ah well. Congrats, Larissa!