Thursday, March 15

dear K

dear K-

there are a million things that i wanted to express while saying goodbye, but couldn't bring myself to say because i knew i'd just be a mess. so instead, i had a good cry in the car :)
first and foremost, YOU ROCK! 
and you're little family is out of this world!
and you guys are going to have SO MUCH fun in kansas city! 
i can't believe how fast our time together went, but i won't ever forget it. you were my friend all along the way and i have no doubts that Heavenly Father sent you to florida to be my pal! and i know so many other people feel the same exact way. thats the powerful influence you have on those you meet. you radiate goodness and warmth. you make everyone around you feel better about who they are. by your example, you taught me more about charity, love, and kindness than most people could teach in a lifetime. i feel so lucky to have been able to work side by side with you in primary. i needed your help so badly and you went above and beyond. you have made me want to be a better person. thank you, K! and the fact that chris and steve were able to be such great friends as well, was the icing on the cake! we'll see you in hawaii for a conference...someday... :)


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Steve and Donna said...

love seeing your sisters and great to have such a special friend