Thursday, March 8

a whole lotta nothin'

nothing too exciting around these parts, which is A-OK.
this morning i babysat sophie and ashton while larissa took ellie and everett to the park to teach them tennis. its part of our preschool's March Madness. a superb idea by yours truly. and by yours truly, i mean larissa.
she's always got great ideas.
this month we are teaming up with carolina and amy and teaching the kiddos a different sport each week. 
which is a pretty entertaining thought: me teaching a sport. HA!

 yesterday i made a decadent chocolate cheesecake for our Young Women's silent auction for their girls camp fundraiser. somehow it managed to make its way back into my fridge. we may have sabotaged the competition with a prior agreement.
thanks mom for bidding on my treat... and then giving it to us to enjoy!

there is plenty to share with the people we love. like this sweet girl, 
little lady lou.
she stared at the cheesecake for a little and then LUNGED!

yup. thats about it right now.
babies and cheesecake.
chris heads over to the church at about 7- 7:30 each morning to study for the boards until 5- 5:30. everyday, except sunday that is. its nice and quiet there, without any distractions... except my relentless texts. i just can't help it. its tough knowing that he isn't at school and he isn't at work, just sitting in a room reading books. and i just want to play with my friend. i can't wait for this test to be over to have my friend back. 


Larissa said...

somehow that cake made it over to my fridge yesterday too. It is so so divine, Bo and I ate some way too late at night and thus were wired until midnight, which worked out well since our little man was wide awake too. Thanks Lis!

Kandie said...

I will say, having my "friend" back has been the greatest!! It has been an amazing week, and I can't wait for you to experience it.