Friday, March 30

lakes park

these kids LOVE to ride. bikes, scooter, you name it- they love it.
so we hit up lakes park, with all their great paths and rode for a while, then played on the train playground, and after getting hot and dripping with sweat, we ran around the splash park. can't beat that for $2!

when we went back to the car after playing, we realized we had left the trunk of the van WIDE OPEN. i think i have officially lost it.
we went home, took naps, and then went over to hurricane grill for dinner because kids eat free on wednesdays. so, if you are keeping track, that makes TWO nights in a row that i didn't have to plan/shop/prepare dinner!!! it really did feel like a vacation.

1 comment:

Larissa said...

left the back of the van open? Oh my! Glad nothing worse happened. Glad you guys had so much fun during Chris's break