Wednesday, July 30

bridal shower

delayna taught me how to make these pom-poms...they ended-up being quite festive!the bride-to-be

we had a bridal shower for julia at our house last night. it was fun... a lot of people came. i definitely learned what games NOT to play at a bridal shower, at least when there are tons of people there. julia wore a big pink crown i made her that said bride on it, much to her displeasure :) we had chicken salad croissants, fruit salad pizza, cupcakes, and bubbly, oh yeah, bubbly (complete with champagne glasses). we played the question game with julia to see how well she knows sterling. turns out, she doesnt know him too well. i think she was chewing like ten pieces of gum or something like that. we also played "smack 'em". i made it up. it was like pin the tail on the donkey, but it was pinning kisses on sterling. the question game took waaaay to long with as many people as we had, but i think most people enjoyed it.