Tuesday, September 18


is there anything cuter than 4 & 5 year olds in soccer uniforms???
jack and ellie are on the green team, which has named themselves the vicious "green dragonflies". i guess thats better then the "green soccer balls" which one of the kids came up with.

they are #5 & #2

jack is still learning that soccer is a team sport and its not all about him. but, i gotta hand it to him, he's pretty good for a 5 year old. he made 2 goals the first game and a couple tonight too.

 we have been very pleasantly surprised by little ellie. she is not afraid to get in there and get a piece of the action. she even scored a goal the first game! 

we got pretty wet tonight, but it sure beats the heat and the kids loved it.

this next picture has nothing to do with soccer, as im sure you noticed. i need to preface this story by saying that chris is a very very intelligent person and i value his opinions and input in most situations very highly. well, last week we had my mom over for dinner because my dad is still out of town on a cross-country motorcycle trip. chris was grilling chicken and it started to pour, which made grilling a no-go. we couldnt find our dang umbrella for chris to use while he took the food off the grill to bring inside to continue cooking. my mom and i both offered to go out and hold a towel over him and the food so it wouldnt get wet, but he thought he had a better idea:

when i took this picture, they both thought the flash was lightning hahaha!
afterwards, very seriously, chris admitted that maybe it wasnt the best idea to reach through the kitchen window to get food off the grill :)

Friday, September 7

1st Annual Art Show

we had our first ever 
browne cousins art show!

it was SO much fun to plan with jack and ellie, and SO much fun putting it together today with my special helper ellie.
it's safe to say we will be doing this again.

we invited all the kids to submit up to 5 pieces of art (any form), put them on display in our "gallery" and had everyone join us for fine art, even finer company, and bubbly & hors d'oeuvres.
i know- bubbly and hors d'oeuvres- we is classy.

gosh, this was fun!
seriously, i think everyone should do this with their kids, whether its with cousins, friends, or just siblings. the kids loved seeing their pieces on display and it was great coming up with projects over the past couple weeks. even our hawaiian 'ohana joined in the fun and sent some pictures!
we love you cousin Quinn!

here is an insane amount of pictures of our grand evening:

after the show

after our art show...

 luckily, we had a photographer on hand to take a hundred a few photos of our extraordinary evening. 
i love ya, rik.