Tuesday, February 18

six! seis! sechs! sei!

ellie had a birthday!
how has it been six years since this feisty girl arrived?
ellie is a spunky girl who loves to sing, spin, and cartwheel through life. she can be the most thoughtful kid one minute and the next she can be throwing punches.... you never quite know what you'll get with this silly and passionate girl. she's reading pretty well now and can spell like a champ. it's fun to watch her grow in so many ways.
ellie girl, we love you so
and feel blessed you are ours!

she wore a brand new outfit from grandma janie on her special day.

mama and daddy brought her favorite lunch (mac and cheese from panera) to school for her and jack and she loved the special attention. she was also surprised with a mini bedroom makeover, filled with frilly pillows and girly pictures on her wall.

we had a tea party last thursday with three of her friends.

she requested oreo truffles rather than a cake, along with white chocolate cocoa.

the girls had a great time and ellie was happy happy happy!

she was showered with love from grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins and friends.
what a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many who care about her!

here is a video of our sweet cheeks. 
it was so hard to cram 6 years of videos and pictures into one tiny video!