Wednesday, March 12

recent happenings

lately, the Brower's have been...

...playing the banjo!

...being adorable!

...celebrating valentine's day!

...crafting valentines for school!
(idea and image from

...missing florida!

...playing the violin!

....dressing up for "back in the day" at school!

...bbq-ing/fire-pitting with friends (before another winter storm)! on the edge in a kitty helmet!
the kids were riding down a big hill on the plasma cars at the smith's. right after jack went down, one of our buddies went down, fell, and broke his arm :(

...getting ear infections!

...grilling with a new grill and making the yummiest chicken and steaks in the history.of.the.universe (during the winter storm)!

this sucker even has a rotisserie! 
chris is in man-heaven.

Thursday, March 6

a conversation

a recent conversation between the boys at dinner:

jack- every single day at recess, all the girls in my class chase me. like, ALL of them. not just sometimes, but every. single. day. (loud exhale)

chris- yeah, i remember that too!! the girls always chased me at recess!

j- really? (laughs) it's so annoying, huh!

c- yeah, it was annoying cause you just want to play, but there are girls following you. i always had like 3 or 4 girls chasing me. (winks at mom)

j- yeah, it's like my whole class. or maybe like 6 or 5 or something. (loud exhale) its so annoying.

for the record, ellie did attest to the truthfulness of jack's statement.