Wednesday, March 12

recent happenings

lately, the Brower's have been...

...playing the banjo!

...being adorable!

...celebrating valentine's day!

...crafting valentines for school!
(idea and image from

...missing florida!

...playing the violin!

....dressing up for "back in the day" at school!

...bbq-ing/fire-pitting with friends (before another winter storm)! on the edge in a kitty helmet!
the kids were riding down a big hill on the plasma cars at the smith's. right after jack went down, one of our buddies went down, fell, and broke his arm :(

...getting ear infections!

...grilling with a new grill and making the yummiest chicken and steaks in the history.of.the.universe (during the winter storm)!

this sucker even has a rotisserie! 
chris is in man-heaven.


Steve and Donna said...

Seems you are livin the life :)

Rikki Browne said...

AND you blogged today?!?! Geeze, Louise!! You really are a busy bee.

PS- I know you didn't do all those things today, obviously. But all the things you DID do today. Always amazed!

Larissa said...

that grillin' looks A-Mazin!
And love little Ellie with her violin, too cute

Cece Cable said...

Well, I sat down to read your blog and decided I have been anonymous long enough. So, I created a new account just for responding on blogs.... I enjoyed the videos and smiles of the kids. I think my favorite pic is of Charlie looking at the snow, missing FL... who doesn't miss FL after they've been there, especially in the middle of an ID winter. And of course the grill, R's hoping I'll make a chicken that looks like that.