Thursday, April 3

ohio to arkansas... and back

we had our first visitors to the natural state!!!
arkansas isn't exactly at the top of most peoples spring break vacation list, so we feel pretty special that marc, delauna, and caiden made to drive from ohio for the week!
we all had so much fun with them and hope that caiden has had some time to recover from the constant attention of three, very active, kids!

caiden certainly got a workout with these three

he also taught jack and ellie how to do "the crow" pose. pretty freakin' awesome!

we went out to eat a couple times, visited the nature center, went to the theater to see mr. peabody, and the mamas even got away for an afternoon to visit the art museum and get pedicures. but mostly, we just hung out and caught up on all the brower family happenings. 

marc even picked up some squid for jack to try. he's definitely not a fan of the canned stuff! but they did introduce him to calamari, which he loved.

this was such a wonderful visit, we can hardly wait to plan a trip up to ohio to see everyone there. each night while tucking the kids in bed, ellie told me that this was the best spring break ever! we love being browers :)

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