Tuesday, July 26

a slimy weekend

our weekend was filled with slimy
and i don't mean slimey, oscar's pet worm, from sesame street.

but rather slimy, as in goo!

welp, its true. you have to be creative when you have friends over that are under the age of 25 (or in this case, 12). over the past 4 days, we have made slime twice and have had a grand time! its cheap, its easy, its messy, and its fun... what can be better?
thanks sophie, chelsey, emily, nathan, and alex for getting your goo on!
in the background of some of the pictures you can catch a glimpse of a word wall that the kids water painted today. they painted the alphabet and left plenty of room under each letter so they can match words with their corresponding beginning letter and/or sound. i wish i could say i had thought of that idea on my own, but alas, it was from carolina- the pre-schooling genius!
as i type this, at ten o'clock at night, i can hear the lovely word wall falling to the floor. aww well, it was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon

Thursday, July 21

birthday booth

I'm going to give you a fair warning and tell you straight-up that there are 28 photos in this post...
28 photos that will rock your world!

thanks to everyone who came,
ate donuts,
took these silly pics,
and celebrated with us!
i hope you had as much fun as we sure did!

after the party and a few too many swigs of chocolate milk,
things got a little crazy.
we ladies laughed so hard that we went into laughing/crying hysterics and i realize its just one of those times that "you had to be there", but i can't think about it without a hearty chuckle.

i took this video clip while rikki and mom thought i was taking a picture.
chris hadn't looked at any of these pictures till he was at school and studying in the library. during a little break he checked out the pictures and watched this video. the library probably wasn't the best place to watch a video of my mom and rikki with mustaches. he thought it was great, so i added it for him... and everyone else :)

Chris is 31 & Manly

we went all out and celebrated chris' birthday to the fullest.
it was the:

"chris is 31,
so lets party
like a man"

the front of the invites:

forget cake!
a real man wants...

chris' tower to man-hood:
why yes, those are

what's that? whats that you say?
what are bennet's donuts?

"i don't know. you can't explain them. bennet's donuts are like... well, its like asking someone what salt tastes like, you can't explain it" -the birthday man

i think the best way to describe them is:
utterly devine.
still not right.
life changing.

yes, that's it!
life changing is the best way to describe these little pillows of fluffy, fried, tender deliciousness.
(you can trust me on that one because i was willing to leave the house at 7 am, race down to ft. myers for fresh glazed, maple & bacon, chocolate w/sprinkles, and peanut butter & chocolate donuts, race back home, and get pulled over for the first time in my life and receive a warning that would have been a whopping $450 ticket because i sped through a construction zone- all for these donuts) ((in my defense, i was driving with traffic))
they are THAT good.

back to the party!
what truly manly party would be complete without a few (hundred) mustaches?

rikki and i put together a little photo booth for the guests.
it was a hoot!
i have about a billion photo booth pictures for the next post

and we ended the night in flames!

happy 31st christopher!
here's to another fantastic year that will be filled with adventures and opportunities.
i love you man!

Thank You, Harry

i can't believe it's over. rikki, carolina, mom and i went opening night. i pretended like i forgot my robe and wand and rikki said, "i knew you were too chicken to wear it!" and as soon as we got to the theater, i whipped it out!
i think i cried through at least a third of the movie. i didn't sob like this one poor lady. it was a very quiet and important scene and all of the sudden we hear some lady GASP for breath... i felt for her, but wanted to laugh at the same time because, c'mon, it was funny!
it's been 10 years of obsession and i have LOVED every second of it.
so along with the rest of the world-
Thank You, Harry!

...ok ok OK! i had a little break down on saturday night too!