Sunday, July 3

the 4th on the 2nd

our ward celebrated the 4th yesterday, which was the 2nd. we had a wonderful time. the primary presidency was in charge of some entertainment in between dinner and fireworks to occupy the little ones... and entertain we did!
i have the absolute best counselors in the world! last night just reminded me how lucky i am to serve with two great friends. i really am so blessed.

order of events:
flag tag
three-legged race
tin-foil statue of liberty's
bike parade
pie-eating contest
face painting/sparklers
tight rope walking
human cannonballs
elephant rides
wait, huh?!
ok, those last three might be fibs

running around like a psycho to put the events together, keeping track of 3 littler psychos, playing games with all the primary-aged kids (you thought i was going to say psychos, didnt you!) and trying to take pictures just didnt add up. so after an hour or so, the camera was put away. thanks to everyone for all of your help (especially you melica! i owe you a couple hours worth of babysitting... or maybe a night out together!)
here is what i got:
ellie and ellie during the three-legged race
nathan and sydney
lily, chelsey, and alex as lady liberty
bryce buddy

baby katelyn

charlie chunk

dont you hate when you realize someone was taking a candid shot of you? i love you dad. and i love how handsome you are in pink.

during the fireworks i had charlie crying on one knee because he was so sleepy, ellie crying on the other because the fireworks were too loud, and jack crying in the seat next to me because he grabbed a smoldering hot sparkler and blistered two fingers. just as i was telling myself to just enjoy the moment because there was nothing i could do, jack spilled a full glass of ice water on my lap.
we are so looking forward to daddy's return on friday.
happy 4th!
im proud to be an american!!!


Katie said...

Definitely my favorite event of the year in the Bonita Ward. And it sounds like it was another success! Wish we could have been there to compare chunky babies. :)

kersey said...

oh my goodness! I wish I could have been there to help with those crying babes...and to see the ice water spill on your lap :) ha!