Wednesday, July 13

hippogriffs and hungarian horntails!

in approximately 54 hours i will be watching the opening scene of the last harry potter film ever made, with a hankie in hand. it's such a bittersweet feeling! of course i am bummed that the movie series is coming to an end after 10 years, but im so excited to see the movie and spend that magical excitement with family and friends. and because i am a freak and have always wanted to go in character- my robe and wand are ready to go... and so is my waterproof mascara :( i've been thinking about what i will miss the most and theres the obvious things like having the excitement of a book or movie release and watching all of the characters grow and mature. but i think most of all, i am going to miss the weasleys. i love that family. if i could choose my own wizarding family it would definitely be theirs! and yes, i am THAT big of a HP freak that i've thought about it... often... :)
alright, i better move on as im feeling a little cryball in my throat.

arent those cookies the cutest?! they are from and she is having an awesome giveaway for full-time HP fans that are bakers on the side :) you all better check it!


Steve and Donna said...

you are a true fan- so enjoy the last moments!

Melica and Aaron said...

I was just thinking about you today and, figuring that you would be there. I hope it is all that you imagined and more!