Thursday, July 21

Thank You, Harry

i can't believe it's over. rikki, carolina, mom and i went opening night. i pretended like i forgot my robe and wand and rikki said, "i knew you were too chicken to wear it!" and as soon as we got to the theater, i whipped it out!
i think i cried through at least a third of the movie. i didn't sob like this one poor lady. it was a very quiet and important scene and all of the sudden we hear some lady GASP for breath... i felt for her, but wanted to laugh at the same time because, c'mon, it was funny!
it's been 10 years of obsession and i have LOVED every second of it.
so along with the rest of the world-
Thank You, Harry!

...ok ok OK! i had a little break down on saturday night too!


Steve and Donna said...

a true fan....

Carolina said...

My scar was on the wrong side!!! Dang it! Anyway, so sad. A report just leaked of jk rowlings alternate ending ideas. You should look them up, they're crazy!!