Friday, March 27


so all of the sudden i realized that i haven't posted any pictures of alli and jacob. i suppose some of you may not know them. they are two of the most beautiful people ever! this is my favorite picture that rikki took of them...thus far.

all in a days work

here are a few, ok a ton, of pictures i snapped through out our day yesterday.

ellie bellie hit her head on the corner of our t.v. stand. ouch! hopefully the bruise will be gone by april 16th!

between the diaper changes, i have been working on alli's bouquet. what do you all think?

yes, this is the same pic as above, but i couldnt figure out how to deleat it.... im not computer saavy as most of you know.

Saturday, March 21


so i was just leaving a comment on a fellow blogger's blog when i thought to myself, "these decoder things are so silly". first off, i know its not a decoder, but a word verification. secondly, it's not like you are figuring out a mystery or a clue so why do they make them all wavy? its not like it makes it harder to figure out! i know that everyone gets them and that usually the letter combinations don't make sense, but mine usually end up saying something funny. for example. the one that i just received on larissa's blog was "phinger". i had one a little while ago that was "propling". anyways, this is just a little something that usually puts a smile on my face, and if im really lucky, sometimes even makes me laugh!

cakes, frosting, and flowers oh my!

Alli & Jacob's wedding cupcakes!
i decided to practice the cupcakes and frosting today for the wedding. i think they turned out lovely! i tried using two liners so it would be a more bold white, but the outer layer just separated itself once it was cool. but i think it looks fine anyways. i also tried doubling up on the frosting. it looked beautiful, but used a TON of frosting. so instead, there is a dollop of frosting in the middle of this, with a spiral of frosting starting at the outer edge that builds up over the top of the dollop! oh yeah, alli wanted funfetti there you have it!
i bought my outfit for the wedding yesterday from j.crew. its a light greyish green blue short-sleeved sweater with a light orange silk tank top under it. i think i am just going to wear a light grey skirt and some pumps with it. the wedding colors are BROWN with various shades of white and then blues and other tropical colors (because she is having tropical flowers). notice i am not going to be wearing any BROWN. i love the color, but i'm BROWNED out. after my wedding, kersey's, julia's and now alli's... i think it's safe to say that i have had enough BROWN when it comes to weddings.
here are some fun clips of the boys today. the second one is boring at the beginning, but trust me, it is worth the wait!

Thursday, March 19

talent show!

the primary talent show was last night. the achievement day girls helped plan this activity as part of their "Faith In God" project. it was a primary quarterly event and all of the parents, young women, and young men came to support the kids. everyone had a GRAND time! these are the poodle skirts that i made and the girls decorated. they did a good job with their skit. they danced to "build me up buttercup" and at the end they threw reese's cups out to the audience. they had fun!

Sunday, March 15

here & there

here are a few of the activities we have been up to recently:



EatingAnd Now DIETING

not to mention planning and putting together a primary talent show, sewing 4 poodle skirts (for the talent show), applying to CRNA school, and planning a wedding in a month for my sweet hermana! whew, we're busy!

Monday, March 9

photobucket pleasure

we found a new website that we are in love with. its called it is useful to beautify and/or distort pictures. we dont use the beautify portion of it...just the distortion! it is ooooOOooOOodles of fun! here are just 2 of our recent makeovers!
and that BEAUTIFUL couple produced these: