Friday, March 27

all in a days work

here are a few, ok a ton, of pictures i snapped through out our day yesterday.

ellie bellie hit her head on the corner of our t.v. stand. ouch! hopefully the bruise will be gone by april 16th!

between the diaper changes, i have been working on alli's bouquet. what do you all think?

yes, this is the same pic as above, but i couldnt figure out how to deleat it.... im not computer saavy as most of you know.


Real Pretty Thangs and Crap said...

Soo, do I get to keep the bouquet?

lisa said...

heck yes you do! you can take it to your shindig in washington too if you want

Larissa said...

as i said before, the boquet is perfect!
thanks for the messy baby pics of ev and the little ones, they turned out so cute!

Carrie said...

Such cute pictures Lis!! I loved them. Oh...I miss all three of those little guys. I just want to squeeze all three of them! And the bouquet is so pretty! Alli is a lucky gal!