Monday, March 9

photobucket pleasure

we found a new website that we are in love with. its called it is useful to beautify and/or distort pictures. we dont use the beautify portion of it...just the distortion! it is ooooOOooOOodles of fun! here are just 2 of our recent makeovers!
and that BEAUTIFUL couple produced these:



Larissa said...

i am dying. i am so sorry bo found that website.

Larissa said...

i just showed delayna and she is crying

Kersey and Preston said...

that is SICK NASTY! I think its a sin to do that to such beautiful pictures of such beautiful people. Sinner.

Rikki Browne said...

Oh those babies are so precious! I didn't even look at the "distorted" one cause I was stuck on how beautiful your kids are! But once I did take a gander, they're pretty funny!

lisa said...

i am so glad everyone is enjoying these!

Laine said...