Saturday, February 28

choco choco chocolate!

carrie miller is here!!!!!! we all know what that means! PARTAY TIME! we have been doing so many fun things together. we've been to the beach while browers were here, we went and got pedicures last night, and we have also been acting like we did in college. ok...more like we are high schoolers. yes, there is a story. and to be truly honest, carrie and i are slightly embarrassed, but oh well. i'll share it anyways. my mom was given a big box of chocolates and because she is on a diet she told us we could have some. well this box of chocolates is a sampling from various countries through out the world. well we came up with the "great" idea of setting up trays of each type of chocolate and then have delayna tell us which one to eat. after tasting it we then critiqued it, which consisted of guessing where we thought it was from and what flavor it was, comparing it to previous samples, etc. etc. well, needless to say, after 11 truffles we not only were extremely hyper, but felt so absolutely sick to our stomachs. we were disgusted with ourselves the next day... but that hasnt stopped us from eating chocolate here and there since then! these pictures are embarrassing so im not going to say anything else about it and let them speak for themselves.

yesterday i took carrie to cheeburger cheeburger to show her the resteraunt that kerz worked at in high school as a soda jerk. we got burgers and malts. mmm mmm tasty!


Rikki Browne said...

Those last two photos crack me up the most, cause you can totally see where Jack gets that silly food filled smile. Ugh, I can just imagine how you and carrie were feeling by the end of that...yucky!

Larissa said...

Bo says that the last 2 pics are the best because you can see where Jack gets his silly full mouth smile. Larissa says she is feeling a bit queesy now but she would do the same thing if given the chance :)
Oh yeah for anyone who doesn't know, Carrie got injured at our pedicures- but all our toes look hot!!! All of us got purple, except Lisa, who went with nude.