Sunday, February 15

ellie is ONE... part 1

ellie turned one on the 11th! i can hardly believe that a year has gone by since she first came to us. those first few months were very challenging for me, and i am REALLY glad they are in the past. now she has a very mellow temperament. usually we have to work to get her to smile and laugh. she is so sweet though and her laugh makes us smile.
she opened a couple presents on wednesday. one from grandma and grandpa browne and two from auntie rik. chris insisted on letting her eat cake. i didnt want to have cake or anything like that because we arent actually celebrating her birthday until grandma and grandpa brower come to visit this week. we are going to have a combined birthday celebration with my dad (grandpa browne's birthday is saturday the 21st) complete with steaks and cupcakes....what could be better! i have made a few simple decorations that i am excited about and will also be attempting to make carrot cupcakes. i dont know why i always wait to try new recipes until a time that i actually need something to turn out right, but i do. hopefully it will end up turning out. i will hopefully be posting pictures from the party next week sometime.

grandma and grandpa browne gave ellie a slide and aunt rikki gave her the sweetest little red corduroy jumper from gap, along with madagascar 2. thank you one and all! ellie and jack love the slide. well, jack loves it and ellie loves watching jack on it.


Rikki Browne said...

What can I say?! i LOVE the wee ones! It makes me so happy to see them. Thanks again Lis for posting these things for me to see. Your locket is really cool, and I can see it being something really special for the kids to link to their mamma...I guess like we do with tight white cotton skirts and shoulder pads with our precious mummsy.

Larissa said...

I like that frosting hair, I bet you had a good time licking it all off :) Can't wait to see the red jumper!

Carrie said...

Haha...I was looking at the pictures, and while looking at the frosting hair one, I noticed a bare bum in the background! Sorry, I probably wasn't supposed to notice that. Those kiddos are too cute!