Sunday, February 15

a very british valentines

yesterday was valentines day and i was working. i worked from 8-4. we dont usually do much for valentines so it wasnt a big deal. when i got home i gave chris a gift. this was because a few weeks back i bought myself a necklace and told chris that he could give it to me for valentines day... got myself out of that mess! and he had left me a bag of chocolates (not a box...quantity over quality for me when it comes to chocolate) on the counter in the morning. usually i give him a bag of jerky and he gives me chocolate and thats about all we do to celebrate. but we actually went out to eat this year! we drove around for a bit trying to figure out what we felt like eating and what place wouldnt be too busy and we decided on the British Open Pub. it was fun to go there with chris because he reminiced about his mission days and i LOVE hearing things from the mission. maybe because i have always wanted to go to england or maybe because i had always planned on serving a mission! chris is the perfect combination of the two! the best part of dinner, for me, was the dessert. i had warm apple pie with ice cream and chris had bread pudding with fresh cream. they were both tasty! chris liked his meal the best. when cooking for chris, you can never go wrong with bangers and mash.

my necklace from chris ;) and i have always wanted to get chris a boogie board, so naturally i picked out the best one they had! i have told chris about how much fun we had on these growing up and he hasnt been able to test it out for himself, so now he can! surfs up, dude

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