Thursday, February 5

back to work

this week was the first week i have gone to work since jack was born. i am working for my parents through out the remainder of their busy season (april). here is my schedule. monday - wednesday i go on deliveries with my mom. we deliver any and all baby furniture. while i am on deliveries i get to drive my parents beast of a van while larissa babysits my loverly children. then thursday - saturday larissa goes on deliveries while i babysit everett. watching him is a breeze. he's practically perfect. my parents were going to hire someone, but then developed this genius plan. it's great for me because i get 3 mornings a week away from jack. hallelujah! its always good to get away because, i promise, i am a much better mom to the little man when i havent been trapped with him for a long period of time. this was our first week and i know i definitely got the better deal. poor larissa is stuck watching my two, plus another little girl from our ward. we are going to try it for a while, and if its too stressful then my parents will just go back to hiring someone!


The Osborns said...

That sounds like a great plan!

Cult Diva said...

Hi Lisa! I googled my name today and found "The Brower Hour" We are Brower's too! I am Lisa and my husband is Chuck and we have one son, Jimmy (Jimster). Anyway cute blog, your Brower Hour sounds less chaotic than ours! I have a blog as Nice to meet you!