Saturday, February 28

mom & dad brower

we had a wonderful, wonderful visit from bart & janie this past week! they escaped the frigid weather of idaho on the 18th and were able to stay with us until this morning. the boys golfed, surprise surprise, while the girls and babes played at home. we did everything from blowing bubbles, to baking birthday cupcakes, to painting and drawing. jack LOVED having grandma and grandpa there to spoil him! he will certainly miss them till the summer. it was so exciting for ellie, she usually missed one of her naps. that meant by dinnertime, she was pooped....
lets play a game! janie, jack, and i made cupcakes together. jack made one by himself. can you guess which is his?

we also went to the beach.

the water was so clear and calm, but it was also FREEZING! only the little ones could go in without getting goosebumps.

ellie got 2 new bathing suits for her birthday...this one is very sweet. the other one she got is very sassy (from everett:) ). but you will just have to wait until the summer to see it!

one part of going to the beach that usually is very unpleasant is the clean-up. however! this trip was fun because ellie and ev cleaned up together!

jack is absolutely obsessed with bubbles! granny bought him a huge bottle of bubble juice and a big wand. jack went through the 950 oz. bottle of bubble juice (i'm exaggerating a tid) in less than a week! he is a bubble bafoon!

bart & janie were also able to go to the keys while they were here. chris took them down there and they enjoyed key lime pie for breakfast lunch and dinner...and dessert too! i am going to have chris post some pics from their trip sometime.

we all enjoyed their visit and can hardly wait till june to see them again!


Rikki Browne said...

That swimming suit is SO CUTE! It looks like it fits her perfectly. I wish I had been there : )

Larissa said...

Thanks for the pics of the little ones! I'm with Rikki, Ellie's swimsuit frilly bum is adorable!