Thursday, December 6

'tis the season

tuesday was a special day at our house.
december 4th is the
International Day of Root Beer
and we live it up!
the past couple years we have had a sampling of different root beers to test and decide which ones are our favorites, which ones are "too spicy", which ones have the best caramel flavor, etc. 
of course, we always go back to the best: 
publix brand root beer. 
its our fave.
hope all of you celebrated this great holiday!

delayna requested a few pictures of our christmas decorations and reluctantly i have obliged. i say reluctantly because most every decoration is either broken or covered in peanut butter or boogers. but that is how we roll right now.

jack is getting pretty darn good at making snow flakes. we saved all of the ones from last year and have added a few more this year. i love doing this with them and its one of those messes that they dont mind sweeping up, so its a win-win. 
our walls are covered in flakes and we try to pretend its chilly outside.

our advent is pretty simple. 
i like to keep gifts out of it because we try to help the kids remember its not just about getting things this time of year. so instead we have scriptures on the back of each day that tell the story of christ's birth found in Luke.

grandma janie made the most beautiful christmas quilt for us! her talents never cease to amaze us. one person gets to sleep with the quilt and the next day, that person must do a service for another family member then put the quilt on that person's bed. the kids have loved doing this so far and are trying not to be too sad when they dont get to sleep with it. i dont blame them, its SO soft!

we have tried to make the theme of our month all about service. each morning i remind the kids to look for something they can do for someone else at school and of course at home too. then after we read scriptures in the evening, we go around the family and each member tells a service or two that they have done through out the day. hopefully it will help us keep our focus this month.

and skippy is back!
although he seems to keep forgetting to fly to the north pole at night because he remains in the same spot each morning. oops! luckily he remembers while the kids are at school each day :)

and charlie likes to eat chex cereal.

Monday, December 3

our holiday

we had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday this year that was full of family, good friends (we miss you already aprihl!), and a ton of delicious food. 
chris has a brother, doug, who lives in ohio. their family of eight went on a cruise for thanksgiving break. they left from miami so on their return, we drove over to ft. lauderdale to meet them for a morning before their long drive home. it was SO GOOD to see them! jack and ellie loved loved loved being around older cousins. its a good thing those older cousins have a lot of younger siblings or else all that loving attention could have gotten old... :)

here is the group, minus doug, our cameraman. 
this was in a mcdonalds parking lot haha!
the last time we were with these guys was back in 2009! holy smokes, alot changes when kids are involved.

while in ft lauderdale we had to visit the temple to see its progress.
im so excited! 
it is amazing how close it is to the interstate. its probably going to be an interesting sight for people unfamiliar with LDS temples, but we thought it was AWESOME!

 we also found this little gem:
Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor

it was built in the 50's and smelled like it was built in the 50's. it was so fun and the kids thought all the lights and fun, quirky details were great.

the sounds of an old man playing the harmonica filled the parking lot while we waited in line to go in.

charlie's favorite food right now is popcorn.
does popcorn count as a favorite food?
he polished off this bowl in lightning speed.

nothing beats a banana split!
we had no problems polishing off that sucker.

we saw this beauty in a parking lot.

as chris snapped this picture, the owner walked up and asked him if he had scratched his baby and then had a good laugh. what would cause a person to think that gluing a bunch of fast food toys to their car would be a good idea?

we love trips. but a trip to see cousins takes the cake!