Friday, February 25

from an e-mail

we went bike riding at grandma's this week with everett. afterwards, because it was so hot, we talked the kids into putting their tootsies into the frigid pool for a quick cool-down. that soon escalated to the little people swimming... in the buff.
later i received an e-mail from larissa titled, "nekkid hineys" with this sweet little
things are getting so warm around here that we also planted some new flowers for spring this week.
cant wait for summer!

Friday, February 18

be still my heart

this little guy has been smiling for a couple weeks now and it's contagious. once he starts, i cant stop!
and whats even better is that he has started to giggle this week. it melts my heart!
i havent been able to catch a picture, so i tried to video it today. not his best, he saves those for daddy, but you get the idea.
oh, how i love my sweet charlie boy.

(for the record, the scratch between his eyes is from himself, not jack or ellie. surprisingly, we havent had any major accidents caused by them... yet!)

Thursday, February 17

for sale

my loverly sister, rikki, is selling her sa-weet condo in american fork. she has also been selling some of her furniture, and i thought i would post one of my faves that is still for sale. if you are interested, you better act fast! leave a comment and i'll get you her info.

our buddies!

this pretty lady is my buddy:

and her sweet little one is their buddy:

we were able to watch sophie while carolina had a dr's appointment today. to say my kids love, adore, and cherish sophie would be a gross understatement.

sophie liked the stroller quite a bit

and she enjoyed this fort even more

but her favorite toy of all was this:

but he's pretty much everybody's favorite "toy" around these parts.

except maybe this one

maybe only some of the time!

Wednesday, February 9

what a weekend!

grandma and grandpa brower came to visit!
and these kiddos were spoiled rotten!
they went on trips to the farmers market, picked out barbies and nerf guns, bought movies, went out to lunch at chick-fil-a, and even took an adventure to sanibel island (which really was an adventure because jack had diarrhea, but i'll spare you the details)

and this kid was spoiled too with a few rounds of golf at lely

i even got spoiled with late mornings and a few naps while grandma and grandpa took the older kids off my hands for a couple hours at a time. i forgot how easy it was to have just a newborn. of course, when jack was a newborn i didnt know how truly easy it actually was!
while bart and janie were here, we blessed charlie at church. it was very special. and charlie didnt even have a blow-out in his white suit- what a good baby!

sunday proved to be a busy day. we blessed charlie, i was called to be primary president, we had "lunch with the ladies" after church, watched the super bowl, i had a presidency meeting,
we also celebrated this little princesses birthday! she is turning three on friday and wanted a "pwincess bawbie bufday"

and because i cant handle all that princess stuff, we decided on a pinkalicious party instead...
with a few things princess-ish

this was the invitation that i didnt get out until the day of :)
she enjoyed her special evening immensely, thank you everyone!

we are already missing grandma and grandpa and love them so much! hope they can come back soon!

and just because...