Thursday, February 17

our buddies!

this pretty lady is my buddy:

and her sweet little one is their buddy:

we were able to watch sophie while carolina had a dr's appointment today. to say my kids love, adore, and cherish sophie would be a gross understatement.

sophie liked the stroller quite a bit

and she enjoyed this fort even more

but her favorite toy of all was this:

but he's pretty much everybody's favorite "toy" around these parts.

except maybe this one

maybe only some of the time!


Carolina said...

Awww... thanks for posting these pics, and I watched the video about 5 times. haha. That last one of your three is so great!

Steve and Donna said...

I agree- love the last two photos!

Larissa said...

that last photo is so sweet, they are going to love that when they are older