Friday, March 13

a little slice of florida

at the beginning of february, we hit the road and headed to 
okc where we joined up with some friends that we have missed so very much.
we met up with rachael and george garner (now living in amarillo), anna leah and jim peczuh (live in fort smith, woot woot!), and carrie and brandon phipps (now living in clarendon... thats in tx). 
it was the absolute best catching up with these dear friends from florida and hanging out for a short weekend! 
we were asked to quiet down in the hotel within the first 10 minutes of being together on friday night, but i suppose thats to be expected when you get 8 adults and 12 kids together that haven't seen each other in a while :) they only had to ask us to be quiet two there times during our two night stay haha!

look at these beauties. each one of these ladies is absolutely incredible.

while the guys swam with the kiddos at the hotel, the girls hit up the outlet mall for some shopping. it was so so so cold and windy and rainy. I'm sure we looked like complete idiots with the two baby boys in their strollers walking around the outdoor mall, but we had fun.

then the men went to buffalo wild wings to eat dinner and watch the ufc fights while the rest of us went to chick-fil-a and then crashed the phipps' room to watch big hero 6.

most of our time was spent in the hotel, playing games and legos, pigging out on candy (thanks pz's!), and talking about how much we all miss florida.

these sweet kids, we missed them all!!!

those pz girls sure know how to flash some gang signs!

it was our first time meeting little calum, who isn't so little! charlie LOVED him.

it wasn't that long ago since seeing the phipps last summer, but callie has seriously turned into a beautiful teenager over the last 6 months or so! i can't believe it!

it wouldn't be a trip without a bump or bruise for one of our kids. charlie fell at the pool and now has a scar on his cheek.

on sunday morning we stopped by the okc temple for some pictures and some hugs and then headed back to fort smith.

it was a great trip and we can't wait to meet up again soon!