Tuesday, July 26

a slimy weekend

our weekend was filled with slimy
and i don't mean slimey, oscar's pet worm, from sesame street.

but rather slimy, as in goo!

welp, its true. you have to be creative when you have friends over that are under the age of 25 (or in this case, 12). over the past 4 days, we have made slime twice and have had a grand time! its cheap, its easy, its messy, and its fun... what can be better?
thanks sophie, chelsey, emily, nathan, and alex for getting your goo on!
in the background of some of the pictures you can catch a glimpse of a word wall that the kids water painted today. they painted the alphabet and left plenty of room under each letter so they can match words with their corresponding beginning letter and/or sound. i wish i could say i had thought of that idea on my own, but alas, it was from carolina- the pre-schooling genius!
as i type this, at ten o'clock at night, i can hear the lovely word wall falling to the floor. aww well, it was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon


Carolina said...

As I was looking through your pictures I was thinking how great your new wallpaper looked. ;-) that is one giant word wall! Go you! Haha. Loved the slimy slime. Best kid craft ever.

Steve and Donna said...

another fun idea from the Brower clan :)

Laine said...

cute,cute! And is that boe's little guy? He looks just like him! I love your word wall. What a great idea, I'm gonna steal it. IT would be a fun start to a great year for Caz and Xander. Your family is so beautiful!!!