Tuesday, August 2

bowling balling

we went "bowling balling" last weekend for the first time with the littles. j and e had a blast and c was happy being passed between us and chomping on his toes. jack may have even beat me the first round :)
athletics (yes, even bowling is "athletic" for me) really truly are not my forte.

afterwards we went to the mercato, ate at chipotle (something i am actually good at) and then went for a lovely walk. jack was able to point out many words and sound them out till he was able to read them. i am so so SO excited about his progress. he is awesome! it was a nice way to spend time with chris while he was home for the weekend. i have a feeling these next 7 weeks are going to be harder than the three solid weeks he spent in port st. joe.

another cool update about jack (that i should have posted a few weeks ago):
he's lost 2 of his bottom teeth!
this picture that chris took on his phone reminds me slightly of a mug shot.
what a big kid jack is turning into.
he starts preschool next week and i have a feeling he will be the biggest and the oldest one in his class. he is jumping with excitement for monday... and so am i! i have had a hard time trying to come up with ideas that will stretch his brain. he is so intelligent and he's always surprising me with all of the facts he knows, especially about animals. his favorite of which are predators- he tells me that regularly. he started sounding out words over a week ago and the first word he read entirely on his own, without having to sound out before hand was "fat". when i started to cheer for him and he realized what he did, he started to cry! i gave him a hug and he nudged me away. he can be a softie, but doesn't want anyone to know it!


Carolina said...

Go Jack go! I love that kid!! Today he mentioned several times that his birthday is coming up and he is going with his friends to go bowling balling. Saawweeeet!

Larissa said...

The pictures on your i-phone turn everyone's eyes brown, your kids look like someone else's kids! Ahhh! looks like a fun time. Have fun at school Jack!