Monday, August 8

big man on campus

it's official!
our little family now has to implement the rule:
not on a school night

here is jack at school saying, "mom why do you have to take another picture?"
he walked right in, put his backpack in his cubby, washed his hands, and found his name at the table. then he got up and gave me a quick hug and kiss and then said, "you can go now mom". i had to sign him in and do a couple other things before i left and when i turned around to look at him as i left, he looked up and blew me a kiss and went back to his puzzle. i think he will be just fine in pre-school!

ellie, on the other hand, wouldn't even walk into the building without crying and grabbing onto my leg. walking into the classroom was a definite NO. she stood in the hallway crying until i came out. hopefully seeing how happy jack is going to school will help her prepare for next year.

when i picked jack up, he was all smiles! his teacher, mrs. louisa, said he "has an incredibly extensive vocabulary" and she was quite impressed.

he colored pictures, had circle time, dressed up as a police man and then a fireman, played on the play ground and "thats about it" he said.

his school, discovery day academy, is really nice. its brand new and very very clean. the outside area is awesome with playgrounds and easels that they will paint landscapes on (the cool part- its just a piece of plastic in a wood frame that they just hose off when the day is over! pretty nifty). there are cameras everywhere that we can check out on their website and watch whats going on all the time. in order to sign him in and out, we use a finger scan. its pretty crazy! actually, i think its a little scary that its gotten so bad that we have to have cameras and finger scans, but i guess its comforting to know our little jackie is safe :)
here's to a successful year!


Rikki Browne said...

That's ma boy! Way to go, Jacky!!

Katie said...

That is so exciting! He is gonna love pre-school. Jenna starts kindergarten in 2 weeks and she can't wait. Miss you guys!!

Bloom Family said...

Oh, I love that he blew you a kiss. so sweet.