Friday, August 12

this week we...

watched cinderella for the first time.
and then three more times after that.

had a lot of "ellie and mommy" time while jack was at school and charlie napped. we've been doing alphabet crafts, cooking, and pretending.

ignored four tantrums at the store.
(ellie 3, jack 1)

took a roll of pictures with the diana mini.

had one of those mom panic attacks. you know, the ones where you think you are the absolute worst mom in the world because you yell and spank and give in and do all those things that moms should NOT do.

stayed up till one reading half of Jane Eyre for the first time.

let charlie lick a sucker. he was a fan!
incidentally, we also bought his first toothbrush this week too.

burned two bagels.

went to sophie's house for a fun craft and play time.

lost a load of laundry.
i found it 3 days later. in the dryer.

taught jack some basic italian words.
like bellisimo, ciao, grazie, buena notte,
a pizza pie-ah, italian-o greyhound-o. the basics.

made my first real cheesecake.

missed our dad.

snuggled in mommy's bed before school.

all in all, its been a pretty good week at la casa de brower.


Carolina said...

Haha. Love it! I lose laundry alll the time in the dryer. I hate hate laundry. And way to go Ellie on keeping that tantrum score up! Wouldn't want to lose to jack on anything ;-) (although, I think sophie's got you beat...)

Steve and Donna said...

indeed :)

the word verification is crying

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it was fantastic.

I wish I could lose a load of laundry. My laundry room is full of clean, unfolded's kind of hard to miss it.