Friday, August 12

veinte seis

it's true.
i am 26.

we had the most spectacular get together last friday when chris returned home.
rikki was the mastermind behind the decor and lari the food.
needless to say,
it was all INCREDIBLE!
i think i'll turn 26 every year.
thank you everyone for cards and phone calls, i have the best family and friends anyone could ever hope for!

any guesses on what she's cookin?
here's a big hint:
yummy, delicious, nutella-filled crepes!
we also had other tempting fillings including:
lemon curd
and lots of nuts

truth be told,
i ate three crepes in all and then licked the nutella spoon!

jack and rik taking a picture of each other

opening gifts with three very capable helpers!
please, don't be jealous.
i'll be posting pics of my first roll when they are developed.... I'm feeling giddy with anticipation!

a tortilla press!!!
i will finally be able to roll out tortillas without feeling my arms wobble to and fro!

a cookie scoop!!!
now i can have perfectly even cookies every time! eek! I'm so excited to test it out!

these two pictures are the result of letting a three year old be in charge of the camera


Steve and Donna said...

was waiting on those b-day pics- guess the days of ballons are gone- it's too easy. Love those flowers and the table setting. :)

Larissa said...

yeah, you should turn 26 every week, it was a pretty killer party!

Smith Family said...

I wish I could have my bdays at your house. Decorated and all the right gifts. How could you not feel like the guest of honor and loved!

Bloom Family said...

Happy Birthday to you! I am jealous of the tortilla press. Making tortillas is so easy, but definitely way better with a press ... I might just put that on my wish list!